Can't log into my timerunning pandaria remix character

Today every time I try to log into my timerunning pandaria remix character the game freezes so much so that windows shows the “Do you want to wait for the application or close it dialog” tried many times and even did a “Scan and repair” to the wow client. But the thing is that all my normal retail characters log in and play as normal so it’s only that character. Which so far is my only timerunning pandaria remix character.


I have this exact same issue, can login to my normal toons just fine, but if I try to log on to my Timerunner toon, it just freezes up and I have to force it to shut down, what is going on?!

Same. I can log in, but then the whole thing just freezes. I’ve been closing via task manager.

Can play everyone else fine.

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Most of the other players experiencing this found it was addons, which they had to completely uninstall. Read through the thread below

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Ayo, that’s my thread! I’m famous LOL

In all seriousness, yeah. For me it was because too many people trying to load in at once combined with addons. I had to switch my graphics to potato mode, disable all of my addons, fly out somewhere where there was nobody around and then I could re enable them.

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I have been so frustrated that I ended up googling to see if anyone else is having this issue. What is going on? It’s driving me bonkers. I’ve wasted 2 hours today alone trying to trouble shoot this issue.