Can't Log In! (HELP!)

Okay, so I was making my way to ToS from Dalaran and got teleported out in the ocean and was given an error message: Transfer aborted: Instance not found, over and over. I was still able to talk to my raid, but if I tried to fly or accept a summon, it kept saying that same thing, so I tried a /reload and then finally decided to start battle net all over. When I tried to log back in it says: Could not log in to Battle dot net and gives a link for more help. The link says the connection times out every time I try to click it. HELP!


same here was in an island expedition and just got permalagged, could still talk to the other players in chat but nothing else was happening. Now Im stuck a 90% blue bars for 5mins and when i do get logged in all instances aborted.

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Same. I have been kicked out of two arena matches, getting the same error, Transfer Aborted, instance not found. After two matches I was kicked to the login screen. Now I cannot even log into the game. Says you have disconnected WOW51900328

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Same here. On the east coast.

Edit: Florida, Xfinity

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Well at least it’s not just me, but sorry anyways.

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I am currently experiencing this exact same thing. I was able to communicate via in game chat with my guild/raid but appeared to be lagged out. Now i cannot get back in game nor connect to anything blizzard related it seems.

Edit: I am CST

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I was just sitting in legion dalaran and got kicked to WoW client log in screen. Blizzard launcher will not allow me to log in and go online. WoW not allowing me back in. ISP XFINITY EAST COAST

Same thing here, on the east coast as well. Was in Stormwind when I got disconnected and now I cannot get past ‘Logging in to game server’.

EDIT: In Virginia and I use Xfinity/Comcast.

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Add me to the list. Finished a dungeon and now it’s loading screens kicked to character screen then back to the dungeon then kicked out in 5 seconds and everything repeats over and over…

Maryland / Comcast

CST here too

Deal me in too. Was on a flight point between Broken Isle zones, when I was suddenly dismounted directly to the ground, and repeatedly killed by a crab I kept rubber banding back to. Edit: EST, Pennsylvania, and Comcast. Though everything else requiring an internet connection seems to be running normally.

Time zones are pretty large, all things considered. It’d be more beneficial if you included your states and your internet service providers.

same thing just happened to me and i can’t go back in to voice

I also cant log in. My pc wont even let me get on anything wow related

Same, was tanking heroic taloc and then boom. I was frozen running in place. Could still see chat. I alt f’4 to relog and couldn’t get back in. Kept getting world server down but that can’t be true as I see other people playing.

EDIT: In Florida and have Xfinity.

Same thing, I logged in, couldn’t change spec so I closed wow.exe. Now I can’t log into WoW or BattleNet. Same thing happened the my wife.

Comcast Xfinity and Mississippi for what it’s worth.

comcast and Texas here

Can’t login to bnet or any blizzard games. Xfinity in Tennessee

I was leaving a batttleground and my game crashed. That was over 30 minutes ago. Haven’t been able to log in to WoW since, but I can log into Starcraft II.