Can't get to Baron Rivendare

When I go in the Eastwall gate in the Eastern Plaguelands instead of taking me to the service side entrance with the Ziggurats that open to Baron Rivendare I’m instead put back in the instance at the Main gate of Stratholme where Ballzanar is the last boss. Is that a bug…i cant figure out how to get to the other side of the zone.

It does indeed look like Blizzard introduced a bug recently:


I’m right here.

It’s still happening a year later.

I don’t have time to test it now, but there’s a Wowhead comment that makes it look like they may have removed the barrier between the two sides (added when they split the dungeon for LFD) when entering the dungeon manually. Did you see if you could get over to the undead side from the main entrance?

I didn’t. I don’t why they would do that. Seems counter intuitive. I will check it out. I had a bunch of quests from the dungeon from long ago.

I came back after my last message and it put me in the undead side.