"Can't Find Player"


When I go into the game calendar to accept a raid invite for the guild:

  1. the question mark shows up on the mini map calendar
  2. when I open the calendar, there’s no invite
  3. a box pops up that says “Cant Find Player”

this just started…yes I relogged / reloaded

(Perl) #2

You might want to try a Full UI Reset to rule out a faulty UI or addon.


its only doing it on one toon…all the rest, who all have the same addons, are fine

(Thundertotem) #4

That’s indicative of a corrupt UI and/or a bad addon.


why would it only be doing it on one toon then?


It simply happens that way, where a corrupted file or setting is on a single character, as characters do have individual files associated with it. Resetting your User Interface is the best first step to troubleshooting this kinds of issues.


I can answer that! I’ve had character-specific UI issues before.

Typically that happens due to a corrupt WTF file, which is the file that saves character-specific settings in addons. I once had an error that kept popping up constantly on only one character, and deleting the WTF file fixed all of that.


deleting the WTF did nothing to help the problem

(Thundertotem) #9

again, you’ll want to do a FULL ui reset, you need to delete/rename the WTF folder along with the Cache and Interface. Launch the game withOUT any addons.


ok…did a full reset and nothing…same problem, no addons were loaded and I renamed the WTF / Interface / Cache

also, when I have the Vestments mog on, it doesnt show the chest and the shoulders are blue and white checkered boxes

all other mogs work fine

(Ekon) #11

If you mean the Shadowlands pre-purchase transmog set, we know there’s currently some holdup with it showing on the Armory.

If it isn’t showing in-game, that’s indicative of something a bit more egregious and I’d recommend a repair to see if that helps. Possibly a reinstall.


nope…Repair did nothing


Is everything otherwise the same, Wombshifter? The person inviting, the raid, etc… ?

If a UI reset and a repair isn’t working, it might just be a bug, but any information that can help them reproduce the issue would be helpful.


everything is the same as far as I know…and another toon was invited and got it and accepted just fine

I just noticed that I get the pop up box “Can’t Find Player” when I open my Guild tab also.

Didn’t start till after the fight with Emeriss and logging out in the grove