Can't do the last BFA foothold


I am trying to access the mission table at Zuldazar Port to do the last foothold (Drustvar) to try to do the Ready for War achievement to unlock the Allied Race Trolls. I have done All the story for the Zaldari Forever achievement.

Nathanos doesn’t have a quest and I can’t access the table at all. What am I suppose to do?

Lets start with what quests you do have, and what quests on the world map show with a !, but a darker yellow, maybe orange appearance.

I also have to ask, did you finish up the Heart of Azeroth quests, and get the neck piece?

By Aingle on 2021/02/08 (Patch 9.0.2)

If you’re attempting this on a new character post-BFA: To continue past Uniting Zandalar and begin Breaking Kul Tiran Will, you must have Heart of Azeroth.

The only dark orange quest I have is: Island Expedition. I also didn’t do the Heart of Azeroth quest. Do I have to do that first?

As far as I can tell you should be ready for the quest “A Trip Across the Ocean”. Check to see if Gallywix has anything for you. He should be inside the Banshee’s Wail.

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Kozzae pointed me in the right direction. I did need to do Heart of Azeroth and then Island Expedition!


Excellent! Good luck, Kawani!

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