Can't battle Pet Tamers

So did the first 5-6 quests for pet battling but can no longer face any of the pet tamers. I beat Cassandra Kaboom and turned in " A Tamer's Homecoming" to Varzok where he even says "Now that you've had a real chance to hone your skills, you're ready to venture out into the world of pet battles in full.", but any of the other tamers I go to don't have the option to battle. After looking at wowhead it says Varzok should've given me a quest to continue my battles but he doesn't have it when I talk to him. Is this a bug or am I just missing something?
did you figure out why? Im having the same issue. Maybe you have to do them on the original toon you started with.
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Look in your quest journal, under pet battles do you have quests:

Battle Pet Tamers: Eastern Kingdoms AND Battle Pet Tamers: Kalimdor?


I also found this post which outlines the above two quests you will need to do in order to unlock the daily tamer quests, and work towards your pet battle achievement.
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Having the same issue with Battle Pet Tamers: Northrend. I've completed the previous questline in Outland, but Varzok doesn't have Northrend quest available. Been through everything online and double-checked my quest trackers/logs. Logged off/on several times. What am I missing? Opened a ticket but the answer was just a link to a wowhead page I'd already checked. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Bowcase had the best answer on the old forum, and it works for me. She said, “First turn on low level quests in the magnifying glass on your minimap. Next, go to achievements. Open the pet battles tab. Look for the “taming Eastern Kingdoms” or to the first one that is NOT achieved. You will see that you have beaten some of the masters. Go to the LAST Master you have beaten! See if there is a quest to go to the NEXT master. Start that quest and you are on your way.” She’s right about this, but it works for all worlds, islands, etc. Maybe all you need to do is go to achievements, then look under Pet Battles to see which master you need to fight yet. Once you’ve done that, you can move on or rebattle the previously beaten tamers.


Thank you for this!

Is there any other possible way? i already went back to all tamers in eastern kingdoms and none has the quest or accept a fight and when i go back to Aubrey burnhep in stormwind she just doesnt offer any quest at all now


I am stuck at the exact same point as OP.

Any help here?

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I am stuck in the same spot…got training from Varzok but can’t fight any tamers. Did i miss something or is this a bug.


Im starting to believe it may be bugged , It all started for me a couple of days after the massive Shadowlands update , I’ve tried all the solutions recommended here in the forums but none has worked so far to unstuck the quest chain:
I went back to all Tamers in EK , i tried with a different Alliance character , the suggestion i have left is to create a Horde character and play to the Point where you go to Ogrimmar to see if i can start again the quest chain and this fixes the problem with my Alliance char , since all these are supposed to be account-wide =S

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Did Blizzard support seriously just send you a link to WoWhead as an answer? Does their support even help players anymore?

I bet they just scratched their head and shrugged like an ape after they read your ticket.


I can’t even start the Julia Stevens quest. Never done pet battles, can’t get questline.


Fixed! Accept the quest you need on a lower level character!!


Creating a Low Level char worked on the initial battle pet trainer quests when they were not populating for my main character. Once I turned in the quest “A Tamer’s Homecoming” to Audrey Burnhep on my main character, NOTHING ELSE was Available.

I created a low level char, AGAIN, and ran to Audrey Burnhep and can accept the Battle Pet: Tamers Eastern Kingdoms & Battle Pet Tamers: Kalimdor, but UNLIKE BEFORE doing this now does not make these quests available on my main character. My MAIN CHAR is literally STUCK.

PLEASE HELP. Has anyone experienced this?!

EDIT: ALSO, tracking Achievements & Quests(accepted and active) are two different things. If you CAN’T battle the pet trainers because you don’t have the quests populating this BREAKS the pet battling part of the game.


Yes that is exactly my problem too,but in my case it started after i fought against Trixxie in winterspring i already have a lower lvl character and when i went with Audrey she wasnt even giving the quests here either , and my main character is still stuck

I dunno what else to do i already tried with a lower lvl char nothing , backtracking with all the EK pet tamers and nothing now i have no idea how can i unstuck this questline =S

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Talking to Chromie and setting a low lvl alt to different timeline repopulated the quests for me.


Thank you.

Logging in on a level 20 and talking to Audrey Burnhep solved the problem for me. The Pet Battle quests are account wide, so I just to had to log back to my main to find the quests there.


to further clarify, i started battle pets at max level 60 during shadowlands, did the first set of quests from varzok including “a tamer’s homecoming” after that he is supposed to give you “Battle pet tamers: kalimdor” and “battle pet tamers: eastern kingdom” which for me he wasnt giving any further quests.

i created a lvl 1 orc character ran to varzok in orgrimmar and he did have the other 2 quests, when you take them on a low level they are on all your characters.

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After the Kalimdor and eastern Kingdom stuff and the final one from Audrey, she will give you Battle Pet tamers: Outland quest. If you don’t have it, use a lower level toon to get it.

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I am so glad that I found this forum. I started Battle Pets but then started playing Shadowlands once I was level 50 (I started playing WOW only 2 months ago). Once I maxed my level out and wanted to do Battle Pets again, I found that I was unable to continue after I had defeated Cassandra Kaboom upon my return. I wanted to get the Battle Pet Tamers: Eastern Kingdoms & Kalimdor quests, but was unable to. After many different methods, I was able to get them by doing the following-

  1. Make a Level 1 toon. I used a Mage Orc for faster travel to Orgrimmar.
  2. Run all the way to Orgrimmar and DO NOT take any quests. I cannot emphasize this enough, as accepting any other quests seems to ruin this process.
  3. Find Varzok. He should have both of the quests available.
  4. Switch to your main toon (or whatever character you choose). The quests should be under the Battle Pets quest list now.

My boyfriend helped me figure this out, so I am thrilled that I am able to do Battle Pets again. I hope that this helps.