Canon warcraft humans can change skin color?

Always thought that this only existed for players and barbershop but then i logged into my alliance mage for first time since like legion realized I didn’t know any portals and went to the old portal trainer and lets just say she uh, had some changes

was this intentional to have skin color changing humans in game? an oversight? an obscure Rachel Dolezal reference?


Well if they are going to make more skin tones for players, don’t you think it;s only fair to spread the love to NPC’s?


Blizzard said they’d update NPCs with the new customization.

So they basically hit the “Randomize” button for every unimportant NPC.


I’m not sure forum mods would approve link, but it’s clearly a moment from “Naked Gun” movie. You know which, it’s a great comedy.

I’m rather glad they’ve applied cosmetic changes to NPCs. It ‘normalizes’ them across the game. As for whether it was intentionally/manually done, or automatocally done through the coding…who knows?

In before someone complains about wasted developer time.

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I mean yah, but it kind of comes across as bit insensitive to start putting OLD NPCs into basically black face, why not add NEW diverse NPCs?

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Blizzard said they’d add new characters who used the new customizations.

They never said they’d retcon the race of existing characters.


So if a player changes their character’s skin tone they are just going in black face?

player =/= NPC, we’ve always had the power and it’s always been non-canon. that would be like waking into stormwind and seeing anduin race changed to tauren


If you’re gonna have better customization, you might as well use that in NPCs.

It’d be one thing if it were a more major NPC, but this is just a random portal trainer that has no real actual lore tied to them.


If they didn’t make changes to NPC’s, it would be as if the new skin tones were added into the world. This way, it feels like people with those skin tones always existed. Much better that way.


i mean sure, but why bother changing her? she isn’t even the portal trainer anymore they added a new NPC, a perfect opportunity to add one of those new diverse NPCs but…nope it’s a draenei, do you not see how silly that is?

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Are you sure about that


It’s not “blackface”, it’s a retcon. If it can happen with a galactic demon lord, it can happen with a random NPC’s skin color. Big deal.


“Like, we’re not going to change existing named, established characters and make them look different. But, walking around Stormwind, walking around other parts of the world, you will see guards and random civilians that have these looks as if they’ve been there all along.”

they did exactly that and the way they phrase it “been there all along” make it seem like they’d be NEW but fit in like they’d always been there.


Sorry, which galactic demon lord had their ethnicity suddenly change with no explanation?

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It adds more variety to the game among what is basically just flavour NPCs to begin with.

Honestly it seems like something that’s silly to be making such a big deal out of. It’s not like Anduin showed up completely changed or something.

Also funny you mention Draenei in a thread complaining about a retcon. Their entire existence is a retcon.


I didn’t say his retcon was ethnicity. But since you demand a racial example, Sylvanas had a Night Elf model for years because that’s what the tech could do at the time. New tech = changing models and skins.

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funny part is Draenei don’t exist, humans do and it’s a bit insensitive to have skin changing humans especially from white to any other color given that kind of history. not sure why they couldn’t just add new NPCs to show off all the new customization options.

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It’s really not, get over it. If they had done this then the next thread would be complaining about lag in Stormwind due to all the new NPCs.