Cannot open the dungeon/raid or pull up any info on bosses

like the title says i cant access the dungeon/raid journal on my evoker. i cant look at the loot that drops or anything. its only on my evoker none of my other 20 toons. does anyone have any ideas please help

Do a proper ui reset not the same as deleting or uninstalling addons.

One log outa game
2 delete rename or move the folowing folders while logfed outa launcher cache interface wtf folder.

3 resetting computer is optional.

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Here is the Blizz UI Reset guide:


yeah ive tried the ui reset and it didnt help its just this one toon and it hasnt ever been able to use it since launch. i just havent played him in a while

That is weird. I don’t remember seeing anything like that in bugs. Maybe a ticket?

Edit: it looks like Vrack (Blue) is replying, maybe more insight.

That can happen if you manage to leave the intro zone early.

It looks like you put in a ticket about it over a year ago, but you only made it through step one of troubleshooting. The next step likely would have pointed them to the issue so they could get you fixed up.

Normally I’d recommend submitting a new ticket, but I had a moment. You should be set. :slight_smile:


thank you so much it is working

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i get that sometimes with various toons, like if im in an LFR or 5 man and i try to open the travel log to see the dungeons boss list and the loot table, soemtimes the UI window will open but itll be all blank with no bosses listed and the loot table is empty.

what ive noticed is wait a bit of time random from say 5 min to about 10 or 20, leave combat in any form and try to reopen the same instances dungeon journal page or raid page for that matter if a raid instance. 9/10 times it displays as intended after wards.