Cannot Log in to Characters

Hi all,

Last night and also tonight (23/09 and 24/09 AEST) I have had problems logging in to my characters. The loading screen will stop loading at around 70% - 90% completion and the music will stop. The game will simply not load anymore. Sometimes I get lucky and do get in, but everything is choppy and slow, and If I start another loading screen (i.e. going to a portal to Dalaran) it will stop on 0% loading progress, and a few minutes later will kick me to the log-in screen and simply say ‘You have been disconnected.’ Gives me the error code: WOW51900319

It also takes a while to retrieve the realms list and the Bizzard website seems to be running slow too.

Not sure what is going on as the maintenance is mean to be due in a few hours/tomorrow.

Anyone know what is happening?

Playing on Aman’Thul.

**UPDATE:- SOLVED. Turns out it was my VPN, thought I got rid of it but I guess not.