Cannot leave comp stomp

as the title states after the brawl has ended you cannot leave and are stuck there this is second match in 30 min to cause this. also, alt-f4 does not work as you just come right back into this.


This is happening to me repeatedly as well. The only fix seems to be for everyone in the group to report each other AFK and relog.

Have this issue right now as well. Even if we exit game when we come back we’re still stuck in Arathi forever.

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When you alt+f4 out, swap to another character for 2-3 mins, the brawl will push your stuck char out in that time.

its a bandaid blizz needs to fix this as it seems to be a issue from the last compstomp

Same here, entire group was stuck in the match. I did alt f4 and waited a few minutes. My character was listed as still being in AB, but when I logged in I was placed back in my garrison.

On a related note, the option to even queue for Comp Stomp was greyed out for me in Boralus Harbor and Stormwind. I had to find an old forum post that suggested queuing from the garrison, which did work.

happened to me twice. Reloading and exiting don’t work, and you can’t port out or use the character stuck options.

same here. can we fix this please?

Took me forever to be able to join it. Now I can’t get out of it.
What is wrong with you, blizz?

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I am currently stuck with my whole group in comp stomp. Seems no one here can get out. What was the solution? The only suggestions listed above have not worked for most of us thus far…

The only solution I’ve found is to alt+f4 and exit the game, then either wait a few minutes or just play another character for the few mins.

Wow, wish I had known about this before I had even entered. Was planning on taking all my toons through each day while active but that is now out. Just going to hope the one and only toon I took through there will be out when I log tomorrow.

Happed to me too. :frowning:

I am currently stuck, as well as my girlfriend.

This happened to me as well a few hours ago. We won battleground, but everyone was stuck at the end. The group knew about the issue and warned us ahead of time, and the entire group was stuck at the end as expected. Observed same Alt-F4 behavior.

I switched to another toon for a few hours, and then logged back in. I was back in Zuldazar as expected, but the BG progress item in Storming the Battlefields quest was no longer completed. I have the quest, but it’s there are no completions.

Hello, this isn’t a fun bug. Comp stomp should be disabled until this is fixed.

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had to alt-f4 twice, I use trp so I don’t want to do it too many times, force closing the game can mess with addons, Hope blizz fixes it quickly cause this brawl is so good for marks of honor farming.

This is a terrible bug, nothing works, the only way is to close the game and not log on that character again fro some minutes. I hope Blizzard fix this fast.

I have the same problem. I have My main stuck and my alt too. Blizzard needs to fix this bug

There’s a way you can leave:

I used a service that’s buried in Help > Open a Ticket > Type in “Character unable to move after completed brawl” > “I still need help” button > In-Game Issues > Technical issue > “Unable to move”.

It will kick you offline for a min but it works.

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