Can you transfer pre-existing characers to mist of pandaria remix

Can you transfer a character to MOP remix? I have a handful of level 10s. They were mostly allied races i created because i plan to eventually level them and wanted to start collecting rested exp. Got them set up with bags and money from my main as well. Would i be able to transfer any of them to remix or do i have to create an entirely new character to do any of it? Was hoping to also use remix to to boost some other characters like my 30 druid and a 23 warrior and would prefer not just making a new char to replace them if possible

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Nope, gotta make a new one.

From the sound of it leveling will be extremely fast though, so unless you’re particularly attached to those low level alts you’re better off just trashing them and replacing them with the new pandaland ones that will come out to regular retail at the end.


Thats what i was assuming but wasnt sure. Any clue if all races will b available or only ones that existed in mop?

Yes, they clarified in the Community Council that all races and classes will be able to participate:

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so when the event is over we WILL be able to take them out to the rest of Azeroth?

Yes. The toons will become active in the normal retail on the server that you created them on.

Once the event is over, Blizz will move them to the main part of the server.