Can you guys be a little more aggressive with changes

according to you.

Found the casual

Meanwhile, stupid crap like spell batching and shamans one shotting is a thing. And mobs being able to hit you from Madagascar when you’re clearly on the mainland.


Its not who tags it first, its who tags it best!
- WoW Classic

Ah yes, which reminds me to be retriggered about mob tagging not being allowed. Since it was fine through wrath.

They only changed it once athene cheesed world first 80.

Doesn’t have much to do with spell batching.

It’s mechanics. If I toss a DoT on a mob, it will instantly pull Aggro but will not instantly damage. So, no tag for a second or so after I begin. Unless I start with an instant like shadow burn.

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Thats not exactly the issue. When someone hits something first, because of spell batching, someone else has about 400 ms to add something else to the batch, letting them take the tag even if they hit it last.

The game is not getting that far, already the fall-off in players is crippling many portions of the game. There will be a few bumps in players with the release of gated content but I doubt it will be enough to justify releasing TBC.

Well we gotta listen to him he’s somehow level 120 :heart_eyes:

Do you have any proof of claim? Because as far as I know. Even batches have an order of operations that involve first come first served.

Linking a 3rd party site that briefly explains what spell batching is, is educational, but doesn’t cover what you’re claiming.

I do agree with that, especially if they keep the current pace: 6 months between phases … by the time we reach Naxx, classic population will have shrunk to Pserver status

Level: 120

The link I posted has an explanation, a blue post, and a video. If that doesnt fit your definition of proof then what are you willing to accept…

Yes, yes. I post on a single character and don’t care one bit that it’s a level 120. I guess that invalidates everything, should I swap to one of a couple of dozen alts? Will that somehow make my words magically better?

Perhaps I should post on every single one of them and agree with myself, then it will seem like I have a crowd who supports me!

Evidence /shrug

Where in the blue post does it state, what you’re trying to state? Copy paste if you will.

Thats easy to say while we are comming off a massive content drout. The only thing added since launch is PvP and that’s something only a small % of players care about. Most of the people that arn’t currently playing have no reason too, because they already farmed out everything they need.

Its refrenced throughout the post. I dont know how else to explain it any better than Kaivax already does. so Ill just put the post here for anyone who wants to read it.

Well, Dire Maul too. And yeah, the gated content will certainly draw some people back. However, there’s a lot of people who have completely put Classic in their back mirror because they farmed out the current content so long ago.

Back in Vanilla people were still trying to get MC gear and even their pre-BiS stuff when BWL came out. They were still engaged and ready to do the new content while farming old content. For most there wasn’t a large lag between getting geared and having new content.

This changed in Classic. Most people went into MC as soon as they got to a level they could go in there. I know of a ton of people who got a couple of pieces of tier 1 gear before they reached 60. People were decked out in epics months ago. Many of them aren’t even raid logging anymore, Classic is a distant memory as they have moved on to other games.

So, yeah there will be a resurgence in players when BWL comes out but it’s probably going to be a low ratio of the players at Classic launch, far lower than the similar time periods in Vanilla. And I’m willing to bet the same happens with the other gated content releases, unless Blizzard greatly steps up the rate of release. Which will considerably shorten the overall length of Classic and cheapen the enjoyment of the game.

Now, they could make sure that BWL is tuned to be difficult and stretch it out that way. However, I’m willing to bet that they won’t do that because that’s going to create a whole lot more screaming from the people who have gotten used to the easy playstyle of Classic and just crushing content.

I’m still not seeing it. Apparently you don’t either.

You’re using a post that was made before beta was even out. A post that is explaining the difference between modern and classic spell batching. Which has nothin to do with tag orders.

Got any evidence of tags being out of order from damage applied? Didn’t think so

Doesn’t surprise me that you didn’t even try. When I said copy and paste, it was obvious I meant the part that applies, not the entire article. :joy:

I agree. There is a whole lot of that happening. It happens in general in MMOs, but it’s really obvious in BG play.

I don’t think that is their goal. Blizzard’s policy (in Classic) is that they do not try to “balance” pvp gameplay. They only interfer with actual “exploits” and “cheats”. They make a company-level decision about whether something is an exploit/cheat or just a “strategy”. If they decide it is just a strategy, they won’t prevent it.

It is debatable whether pvp can be “fair and balanced”, or whether that is impossible. For example, Blizzard cannot stop “communication outside the game”. They don’t rule the country.