Can you guys be a little more aggressive with changes

Can you just eliminate premades, if that’s what your goal is? There’s like a meek stealth change once a week and then it takes another week to see that it didn’t work

The game is more about figuring out what you’re doing and exploiting it then actually just playing the game


The game is what you’re making of it.


I just want to have good pug AV games

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Premade WSG instead and start enjoying your grind.

What grind?

Your ranking grind. Or if you’re not doing that, you can still enjoy your games playing on a team

the fixed version of classic is called retail

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Ah, was wondering when I would see my first retail troll of the day.

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there’ no trolling here mate.

all that QQ’ing about premade VS pug has been solved with ranked BG/arena on retail.

likewise, the QQ’ing about this dumb honor system who reward unemployed/bot over skill has also been solved with the rating system on retail.


I’ll bite. TBC is the “fixed” version of classic (imo), retail is the MMOlite version of an RPG.


right. my bad. the complains will stop with TBC.

nobody will talk about resto druid + (war/hunt/rog/lock) in 2v2 being broken. nobody will ask for rated BGs, nobody will talk about personal rating VS team rating or selling high-ranked teams to pvp plebs allowing them to buy top-gear.

If 15 years of WoW taught us anything, it’s that TBC is clearly the point where everyone is happy and nobody ask for more changes!

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I actually agree with this. If you want to get rid of premades, then come out, be clear, and tell people that premading in any form except the built in function is no longer going to be allowed. Remove the numbers from the BGs, and start handing out punishments for those who break the new rule.

Pick a side. Nochanges or Changes.

Half-hearted fence sitting isnt working and is just making things worse for everyone.


How dare someone who commits more time than me get better rewards!

TBC isnt perfect, nothing is. But it is still alot more enjoyable than retail.

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found the botter.

according to you.

Found the casual

Meanwhile, stupid crap like spell batching and shamans one shotting is a thing. And mobs being able to hit you from Madagascar when you’re clearly on the mainland.


Its not who tags it first, its who tags it best!
- WoW Classic

Ah yes, which reminds me to be retriggered about mob tagging not being allowed. Since it was fine through wrath.

They only changed it once athene cheesed world first 80.