Can we transfer from pve to pvp in classic era?

can we transfer from pve to pvp in classic era?

No, would be too easy to gear in the PvE servers just to transfer over to PvP.

Edit: I stand corrected. It looks like a patch went out sometime in February that allowed such a transfer. Just before SOM was launched. My apologies.

I was basing what the rule has been for the span of WoW and didn’t see the update.

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You would think so, since realm changes are for sale.

After reading the rules, there is nothing saying you can not go from PvE to PvP. Go read the rules on the service page before you pay 25 bucks and I made a mistake.

Yes. I went from Mankrik to Whitemane.

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That type of transfer was a TBC thing not Era/Vanilla.

Last thing I recall seeing about allowing that sort of movement from PVE to PVP is in the thread below but that is for TBC only. Apologies to those that were affected by that dark day on August 9.

Continuing the discussion from Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 9:

In Era? Was that an unpublished change?
I moved this character off of Bloodsail maybe a month or so ago and the free transfer offered was only Mankrik. I didn’t need to attempt a paid transfer so I’d not seen that was now allowed.

Yeah. Did it a month or 2 ago.

I moved from Classic Era Atiesh to Whitemane, so yes you can.

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