Can we stop

Can we stop thanking the devs for FINALLY getting rid of conq cap nearly a month or 3 into the season? The cap is one of the reason why noones playing right beside class balance being a utter nightmare.

Devs should be scalded for such unproductive and hurtful game design choices not thanked and given praise when they finally uncap it when the seasons dead mid way through

They torture us for months while m+ players have the time of their lives and get their bis max ilvl loot within the first week then dangle a carrot in our faces with a conq% increase as we pay 15$ a month just to have access to the loot we need that didnt get in the vault just to play


inb4 they forget to add boxes until theres 3 weeks left in the season


Must be nice in your echo chamber

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Is he wrong in a meaningful sense, or are you quibbling over the technicality that you aren’t literally BiS within the first week?

I don’t do M+, but just from inspecting random people this expansion it does appear that you get closer to the ilvl cap a lot more quickly, and end up with a lot more gearing options a lot more quickly as well.

Come on man don’t put that into the universe, i just wanna play some other alts i dont feel like gearing normally

Nah, he’s right, I’ve done keys on like 5 toons this season. Not only is the gearing as fast as you want it to be, there was no giant power wall as I climbed keys. Right now I’m around 1750 mmr on this Priest playing with a buddy in full greens.

So not only are we queuing into full conquest geared people as we try to climb, but we’re having to slowly grind gear as we go. Compared to arena? Yes M+ players are ‘having the time of their lives.’


They did away with the cap early at a point in Eternal and it just meant that people who didn’t nolife immediately were at a significant disadvantage. Granted they did do away with the honor upgrades it’s still okay to be gated on power progression a bit initially.

Kind of? Crests were/are capped, and spammable keys only gave gear up to 483 whereas bis is 489 and only available from vault.

Pvpers more quickly and easily obtain actual bis assuming a reasonable timeline and amount of playtime.


The rat strikes again


do you wanna know how long it took me to get a nymue’s or a balefire?

watch urself…

I’m not a rodent and PVP gearing is extremely efficient. :dracthyr_a1:

You are to your supreme Bovine overlords.



They can keep the cap at the very beginning to prevent this.

Then week 4-5 when people are full pvp epics it should be removed immediately.

Yeah, this’ll probably be closer to what they’ll do next expansion with the increased weekly conquest cap to compensate for removal of the pvp vault.

Either this or why can’t they increase the amount we get each week? Takes 11000 conquest give or take to cap a character and they give us a measly 500 per week. Why not 1000 per week

close enough, it’s like evokers saying they aren’t lizards


Imagine if they uncapped conquest and just put [much greater than now] limit to gear purchased per week.

Get your pvp grind done week 1-2 then actually just enjoy the game thereon out, if we even have to have a ‘cap’. And not ROB YOU of the conquest that you get capped on that adds up to dozens maybe even 100 or more a week.

The cap is only here to both inconvenience mains or punish alts anyways: with the fake news that is catching up is an easy or simple process requiring multiple BG finishes for 50 conquest or get curbstomped in rated play til you can get 100 conquest.

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I guess people didn’t play eternal season where conq was uncapped and everyone was miserable trying to gear and new alts felt pointless.

This is an mmorpg btw. If you sat down and wrote a list of reasons why people play them gear progression (character get stronger over time) is near the top of the list btw

Just play a few 2s along with daily wins and weekly quests.

Conquest is uncapped once the cap is greater than what is required to buy a full set of conquest pieces, which makes sense.

Gearing alts to full ILVL is really easy (with the HONOUR that is UNCAPPED that you can buy TROPHIES OF STRIFE with), the two free crafted pieces, and honour gear being pretty good.

Literally don’t know why this is a debate. System is good.