Can we stop

People will complain about anything

Then if honor can buy strife pces why have conq capped? Its literally the same gear but you have to do WORLD PVP (hint hint the unpopular boring asf form of pvp nowadays) to obtain it. Why should one form of content be capped while another not. Conquest shouldnt be capped at all

Yeah, it absolutely should be for a few weeks.


For the first like 4 yea but THIS long its unacceptable

You should be able to steelman some reasons:

Strife gear is a mix of stats, so only a few are correct stat priority, grinding 3.5k honour per trophy means that you can’t zoom ahead of everyone start of season, and conquest should be capped (as it is) so that no-lifers and wagies can both play the game on relatively even footing.

Yea i have no problem waiting like 4 weeks or even 5 if im feeling good till cap unlocks. Bk grillers need some catchup as well but to keep it locked even after those weeks till AWC basically is just dumb. Youre at the mercy of the vault for a weapon if you didnt buy one and if not very VERY slowly getting your conq pces one by one or even needing to wait another whole week to afford one.

Fixed next expansion. Unfortunately not next season but oh well. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

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Just get the trophy of strife weapon or get weapon on second week XXXD

5 weeks is about enough for 5 conquest pieces, so after that no-lifers just BIS out. nope nope nope

Not everyone wants to do wpvp or buys a weapon their first go at conquest


IDK where ya’ll say that gear progression is a technical component of MMO’s cause GW1 and GW2 certainly don’t have that as requirement.

This was just satire anyways.

Make it simple like cata->WoD again, keep wpvp gear theme which is good filler system.

Honor gear is fine to get started and if you do lose that means easier games.

completely agree I am not thanking anyone until solo shuffle is fixed right now healing is a joke and they have literally done nothing to fix it.

So you still got it meanwhile were still locked behind conquest you just proved his point.

i hit full conq before i got them, silly

also i can absolutely go the whole season without getting a iridal from my vault, outta here

When the ruling elite despise their own people, just like politicians lol.

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yeah the devs are trash

I was bis PvP long long before PvE, matter fact im still not all the way BiS PvE and I’ve done way more PvE this season.

There are still lots of people not BiS PvE, PvE crest are gated too so no one was max upgraded super fast either.