Can we remove conduits

Imagine all that time spent on conduits could have been used to fix the maw or class balancing. its literally azerite 2.0 you gotta grind stuff for it and it gives you a small dps increase. most of the time its a flat stat increase. bake it into the class and move on.


Nope I love conduits, and they’ve already vastly improved them.

Yeah… they really could have fixed a lot of things, but naaaawh gotta throw all that away for a busted hamsterwheel.

i like conduits.

Run quickly, they’re getting the pitchforks!

They’re not going to remove conduits. They don’t want to split player power from covenants and their entire stance revolves around the idea that they’ll be able to leverage conduits to make up for unbalanced covenant abilities.

Care to explain why? I have not been following shadowlands news really, all I know is some covenants have different visuals, and you can only change once per week. Explain like I’m 5 why you like it please

I like Conduits. Just not the week cooldown part.


That would be great. Unfortunately they chose to spend the time developing this stuff, so we’re likely stuck with it.

I’d love it if they just scrapped all the systems. Just put decent rep rewards for the covenants and everyone would actually be able to enjoy the game.

Unfortunately, the systems are what pass for content in the current itteration of wow.

So, Covenants are more than abilities.

You also get Soulbinds and there 3 soulbinds per covenant. Now most soulbinds are utility based that improve upon your base covenant abilities.

It works very similar to the nether light crucible. However between the traits you get to apply CONDUITS. Which are like Azerite traits.

Conduits are something you can upgrade with Stygia which you farm weekly in the Maw.

Thank you for coming to our calculus class.

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Nope, I like em. Much better than the RNG of BFA.

I want them be bind on account. Or make them non upgradable, and obly requiered to unlockthen one time

Which RNG are you talking about? Aren’t dropped conduits random and class-based? A DK could be UH, and get a tank conduit, which wouldn’t be very helpful if that player doesn’t use Blood spec. That’s completely random, no way to designate which conduit drops from any given boss.

no because of 20 iq blizzard fanboys like this guy

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Whats the issue? They are not RNG based like Azurite, they have a clear progression.

We don’t have full information on how/where they drop yet. Plus with the Maw vendor there are catchup mechanics. We will eventually have a max tier version for every conduit that we can swap out every week. Unlike azerite gear/corruptions where we have to rely on RNG for ever piece that drops.

  • We do actually know, generally, where they’re coming from.
  • We also know when they drop they’ll be personal loot.
  • So while you’re right that eventually we’ll have them all and max ranked (given players engage in the content at highest levels) there is still RNG to the drops themselves.
  • The Maw vendor also is a random new conduit, or upgrading an existing conduit from your collection.

Too late , now grind and cry while subbed :smiling_imp:

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Which is far far far far far less RNG than Azerites and Corruptions. Get one at the highest ilevel, and you never need another one of that kind.

For covenants they have a rip cord. For conduits they have a self destruct button to press.