Shadowlands Conduits Update

Here’s what’s going to end up happening. Players are going to figure out what’s best for their favorite content, slot in those conduits, and never interact with the system again until a higher ilvl conduit is earned. If they allow players to respec then they can change things up per encounter (m+ or raid boss), they can experiment, they can change class specs more freely (which is important for people who play multiple rolls, granted having 3 soul binds mitigates this), and they wont have to feel punished if the player decides to engage in both PVP and PVE content.

Blizzard likes to use the term ‘loadout’ a lot lately. Imagine if in CoD you couldn’t change your guns and attachments until a weekly reset. Just wouldn’t work. Having to commit to one build for an entire week would make the game worse, and I think the same would be true for WoW.

I understand that Blizzard wants to retain a certain identity that people can have with their builds, and it’s a good goal to go for. But I don’t think this will work.


This sounds like a really good and practical system. Thank you.

I think that would be a perfectly fine game design goal, if the whole game was designed that way. When every other system screams “change it whenever and however you want, feel free to experiment” and Covenants screams “this is an RPG and choices matter, choose wisely because it’s hard to swap” something has to give here.


Breaking it down further, it comes down to,
“this is an RPG and you’re going to have to pick which element of the game you’ll be allowed to be good enough in to get the end tier reward from it before it’s removed at the end of the patch.”

FOMO is very much a thing with this system, and frankly, it will lock people out of being able to push multiple types of content without having multiples of the same class.
That shouldn’t even be a suggestion.
It’s already rough enough trying to find arena partners on Alliance. We really don’t need covenants and soulbinds making it even more frustrating.

I suppose people who are truly worried could potentially just buy carries from those who are focusing on that type of content, but that’s really frowned upon in certain forms of gameplay (PvP), and frankly, is still unfair to those who enjoy doing both PvP and different kinds of PvE on their mains.

Not everybody’s in a guild that can clear content quickly enough to let people go “relax” for the rest of the tier to go dabble in the other content they wanted to work on competitively, and many dedicated guilds don’t clear at all - so those players are doubly prevented from dabbling in other forms of content competitively.

I can see carries/boosts becoming a bigger thing as an unintended result of these changes. :man_shrugging:


As somebody who’s been playing RPG’s since 1978, I wish this silly notion would disappear. There is nothing “RPG” about restricting the ability of players to do things. In fact, actual RPG’s (meaning played at a table with other people) are all about embracing freedom of action, not restricting it.


We’ve recently seen a number of questions about how Conduits work in Shadowlands. Here’s a brief explainer:

Conduits are items, and they have item levels like other loot you’ll see in Shadowlands. Currently in the Beta, Heroic dungeon loot is item level 171 and Normal difficulty Castle Nathria is dropping iLvl 200 gear. Like other loot, the higher the Conduit’s item level, the more powerful its effect.

Conduits can come from many sources, including dungeon bosses, raid bosses, the PvP vendor, and World Quests and content (via Callings). Conduits go into a collection, making it unnecessary to repeatedly earn individual Conduits at a given item level.

Conduits drop as personal loot and are class-based, so they don’t differ based on your active spec or your loot spec. They’re also additive with other loot drops – a Conduit won’t replace an item that a boss might otherwise have dropped. Conduits are not tradeable.

Our goal is to offer one or more ways of targeting the specific Conduits that you might want ( such as PvP vendors and loot drops), in addition to those available via Callings and a catch-all Conduit sold by Ve’nari in the Maw.

  • Specific to Ve’nari, we’re in the process of removing Stygia as a repeatable reward from Twisting Corridors. Our goal here is for the Eye of the Jailer in the Maw to be a limiting factor on Stygia gains.

As with other items, you can experience big upgrades when replacing Conduits. If you have an iLvl 171 version of a Conduit, and you obtain an iLvl 213 version of that Conduit from a Mythic Keystone dungeon, you’ll take it to the Forge of Bonds and enjoy your nice upgrade.

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Can you get conduits from the Great Vault?

Does this mean there will be no way to earn stygia outside of the world content in the maw? it currently gets pretty repetitive and Im worried the amount I will need, combined with the Venari rep system is going to result in serious burnout


Please remove the 1 week cooldown on changing conduits. It’s just so unnecessary.

Relics 2.0 with a weekly cooldown cmon now.



How about removing 1 week cooldown on changing conduits?


Please remove the one week cooldown on changing them or make them spec specific/multi spec compatible.


So if I get a huge ilvl upgrade on a conduit that I don’t have socketed, I might be looking at 1 week before I can use it if it’s on cooldown? Neat…


So what happens when you put a conduit in because you just got it and the quest makes you do it, then you swap to a new one because it’s a DPS increase, and then your BIS drops later in the week? Are you not able to swap to a new conduit because of the cooldown?

It just seems really punishing to have used your weekly cooldown for conduit swapping, then get your BIS conduit and not even be able to use it for a week.


There has to be a way to earn stygia doing PVP or else it will not work.



So does that mean you are going to make the Maw fun, since I’m probably going to be forced into doing it?
Because it’s not fun now.


You think you want the Maw to be fun, but you don’t.


True I thought we are passed the azerite armor situation where you have an upgrade sitting in your bag due to time gating.

What happened to gear just being gear?

:100: :point_left:


But this isn’t possible if the conduit swap is already on cooldown. Do you all see the problem with the 7-day cooldown yet?


This is a daily occurrence. How is this alt-friendly? Going to have to grind in the Maw on all my characters?


This currency dropped in diverse content.

What makes stygia different as a currency? As a player I am not seeing it so the devs have to communicate their intent. If not I will compare stygia to echoes of ny’alotha.

And as a result I would argue that stygia needs to drop in diversified content like echoes of ny’alotha. :100: