Can we please get another chance at Legion mage tower weapon skins?!

I understand that they are a prize for the people who earned them during the time it was available. But, not everyone was playing back then. And yes, I know this does not justify bringing them back, and that some people would feel that it would reduce the novelty of the skins, but still…

The one thing I want in WoW more than anything else is my Brewmaster’s Bearer of the Mist weapon skin. It was the reason I started playing a Monk. Actually, it was the reason WoW went from being a game I played 2 hours a month to playing every single day. But I wasn’t around during the Mage Tower. So now my one desire is completely out of reach.

I dont care what I have to do to get it. I’ll do the most ridiculous series of quests and achievements. I’ll pay millions of gold. I’ll pay $100 just for the default skin. I DONT CARE WHAT IT TAKES.

Blizzard. Please. Listen. Give us another chance.


The WoD challenge mode weapon skins are way cooler!


Nope. If you wanted 'em you should have gotten em. I worked my butt off to get 3 tank weapon skins (some of the hardest ones unarguably) It’s silly to just let anyone have them afterwards.

That’s like saying everyone should be able to get collector edition items any time they want because It’s not fair.


Can’t get them if I wasn’t even playing the game then. Guess you missed that part?

But what does it matter to you? If you see me with my brewmaster weapon are you going to go through my achievements and make sure I got it years ago when you did? No. You probably arent even going to blink twice at the skin.

Other people getting them doesnt affect anything but other people’s egos.


I say they allow you to get them. But make them Alliance exclusive. Screw the horde.


Too bad, so sad? You should have been playing?

That’s an incredibly weak argument. We should just let anyone have old retired gladiator mounts because it’d be fair and it’s not like it would affect anyone!

No, that won’t do. Blizzard gave everyone ample time to finish the mage tower, nobody has an excuse as to why they didn’t do it that makes bringing the skins back justifiable.

No it completely negates people’s accomplishments, something that you’ve probably never gotten the chance to have. Better luck next time.


Limited time rewards, especially skill testing ones like Challenge Tower or Challenge Mode skins shouldn’t return.

You weren’t there, you missed out.

Rewards like that are good for the game overall. WoW isn’t a singleplayer game, and having rewards that you have to actively work towards because they’ll otherwise be removed (Mage Tower, Cutting Edge, Hall of Fame, etc) feels good for the player when you achieve them, and actively rewards playing the game, instead of subbing for a month or two at the expansion to do everything at once.


But then Alliance players would still somehow twist it and be outraged that it’s Horde bias.


No, they were time limited for a reason. To make them special and recognize accomplishment when it was relevant and difficult.


To be fair, Blizz would probably give horde new exclusive skins that are much cooler than the mage tower skins, so as to not have to hear to horde cry one weep.


I worked very diligently for over 6 months during Legion’s content draught to level one of each class, gear appropriately, and earn all 36 Mage tower skins.

It is the pinnacle of my 15 year WoW career (not a raider).

I dont care at all if the Mage Tower is reopened, as long as it is like Timewalking with a squish down to 110 to keep things fair.


You all miss the point. It wasnt a question to all of you. It was a request to Blizzard. And if they see a chance to make money…well. I wouldnt be mad if they took it.

$100 per skin Blizz. Easy cash.





And we’re requesting Blizzard keep it the way it is. Yours is a selfish request to have the game changed because you missed out.


Honestly purely cosmetic things like the mage tower appearances can stay limited time.

Also majority of those encounters were balanced around the artifact weapons and their traits.


I sympathize. The brewmaster mage tower skin was a must get for me.

I have all 34 mage tower skins and brewmaster was probably top 3 most challenging for me to beat. Lots of frustration and tears went into getting it.


i would love a chance to cheese grab the skins, as i ragequit on trying during the relevant period. but i understand the exclusivity decision they made, and am okay with me never earning them --i tried and failed


Yes, exactly.


No. I never stepped foot in there either but it was a reward for people who were playing. Plus they would have to spend so much money to redo these for the current gear, that I just can’t see them even considering this.


Yeah, no. Should have played when they were available.