Can we just move on and accept that there wont be RDF


The LFG Tool they made, is trash and will never not be trash.

RDF is superior in every way. People aren’t going to give up on RDF just because blizzard are incompetent fools.


If you just “move on” that teaches blizzard that if you ignore the players it’s still ok to make crap decisions.

Rdf wasnt out in ph1 og wrath so im assuming their logic is to leave it out of phase 1 classic wrath, regardless of the patch , then probably add it phase2

Probably not. Changes are unacceptable.

I mean considering the new lfg tool is just bulliten board with better looking UI, probably not, the new lfg chat is just going to be filled with the same spam anyway

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Best news on the forums all week.


Glad Blizzard is not putting in RDF

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cant wait to use the dogmanure system they gave us and use the effin chat spam ooooooooooooo cant wait

You’re right. The best decision if you are truly unhappy is to unsubscribe and stop playing the game. Voting with your wallet is always the best way to let a business know they messed up.

See you in wotlk though.

I didn’t once say anything about unsubbing though.

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No, if you don’t like something and want a change you have to make your voice heard. And if the developers don’t listen to the majority of the playerbase there is something wrong and will displease a lot of people.

Oh yeah for sure I will “move on” to play something else that isnt blizzard related, simple as that as this isnt the “classic” they tried to sell in my opinion.

You will have to suffer me a bit longer I have some weeks left on my time, despite not even logging on the game for weeks now.

Yeah thats the approach you take to laws and government decisions, Blizzard is a business so if you were really serious about showing them you are unhappy you would put your wallet away and stop giving them money.

Raging on the forums while paying a sub is not “making your voice heard” its wasting your time while the person you are upset with profits from it.

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We have already moved on. Havent you seen the posts from tanks discussing all the ways we will be taking advantage of the syatem

So you’re telling me, feedback is useless? I am unhappy about the changes but I still enjoy the game.
Giving my opinions on changes is not raging lmao.

Cool beans man. Cool beans.

Itll be back by the end of P3 and id put money on that.

SOOOO happy blizzard is sticking strong and not putting in RDF.

Thanks geessus

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I completely agree with the blue post from yesterday and all the choices being made in WOTLK classic!

Im so excited to play starting 9/26! Take your PTO now folks!