Can we just move on and accept that there wont be RDF

Thats my point people are toxic in rdf in content that is irrelivent.

I would like to have dungeon finder.

Thank you and good night!

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This made me a little misty-eyed…are we really so ready to throw away a community so loving and just!!! Maybe I have some difficult self-reflection to do…

flagged for not being 70

“Dead” servers got consolidated yesterday.

There are still small servers. Even Earthfury, which has all of 37 raid/pvp logs on survived the purge.


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because we have spent the last 4 years playing the game the way YOU suggest, without RDF. WE WANT RDF BECAUSE FORMING GROUPS IS THE MOST TOXIC PART OF THE GAME CURRENTLY. any change that automates that process is a MASSIVE UPGRADE. why is that so hard to understand. I guess if you haven’t been playing classic at all you just wouldn’t get it. if you are a retail player who has been spoon fed all of the quality of life so you have never had to deal with it, or have taken it for granted because you haven’t known anything else, you wouldn’t understand.

People are NOT exaggerating when they say you have to spam LFG for HOURS to get a group. That is literally what you have to do.


the beta LFG tool ends this necessity of spamming. It already fixes it.

Except it doesn’t, it is so bad people join it just so they can use LFG chat, so they can use the addon we all already use. The only thing it changed was actually make it an even more frustrating process.


I have been playing. I Like making my groups i like seeing familar faces, i dont like dps pulling rooms ahead of me i dont like being told im going to slow, i dont like being harrassed the hole dungeon by some turd from a different server and his buddies who decide its funny to kick me during last boss.

Im not anti RDF but the only way i would be excited for it to be in game is if it as well went threw changes.

No one wants an authentic wrath launch experience, its a fluff phrase used to bully people. Rdf folk saying they being forced to play a certain way then in the same breath calling people stupid for not wanting rdf or whatever insults they are using… sounding very toxic almost like how they will behave with rdf put in game.

Still want RDF, k, thanks!


Tbh it seems like the longer we go the larger the outrage becomes

I love it

There has been no mention of implementing RDF at all, their stance is clear that we will not get RDF in any phase. However, I honestly don’t believe they are refusing to implement RDF because they “know what’s best for us,” “the game is better without it,” or the vague “social experience BS.” The system they are throwing at us currently is inferior in every way…There is something more going on behind the scenes at Blizz.


Go play a dps class and form groups. it’s not at all the same experience. You don’t have the same experience as the people who are complaining about RDF not being in the game. DPS make up the large majority of the servers, considering it takes 60% dps to form the group. DPS is the role that suffers, and they continue to suffer in RDF as well, it’s just reduced suffering that we for the most part prefer. RDF was added in Wotlk to fix the same exact problem that plagues TBC now, hour long durations to form groups to the point no one wants to do it anymore and dungeon running become completely dead.


Move on? Yeah, the Riot MMORPG can’t come out soon enough.

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Is that your point? I’m curious why and how someone is being so toxic in content that requires very little effort and rewards so little…I mean it’s gotta be something pretty singular to RDF that “breeds” this kind of toxicity, even more so than even content like Mythic+ as you’ve claimed.

Here’s the thing.

I’m capable of not installing desperate add-ons, enjoying the game, and pointing that the server infrastructure necessitates RDF.

None of these things I take to an extreme, none of these things are physically or mentally draining me. Why? because I’m a reasonable person.

I’m gonna play Wrath and enjoy it. I’m not installing bad add-ons. AND I’m gonna complain till there’s a RDF.

I’m not sure how else to frame reasonable criticism to you.

I would shut up if they gave a good reason, but ‘it doesn’t feel Classic’ is the reaosn they have given and that is not enough for me personally. It’s a cop out dumb response and I don’t know why they are dying on this hill, although I do have a feeling it’s because they’re behind on work and decoupling RDF from the .3 manifest is too much, as their real reason (that they won’t give.) IE same reason Dx12 throws hissy fits with Classic- the coupling of Classic code with the new engi has given them some problems.


I believe that they are incapable or do not have the resources to decouple the RDF from the later patch and it will drop on the third phase and they will outdate their own outrage.

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I’m not sure if you know this but RDF is opt-in. You can still do dungeons with your insular retentive friends and stay bubbled away from ‘tHe ToXiC ComMunItY.’ If you do not click it, no RDF people will group with you.

So what I don’t get is that you have friends, you have your party, you don’t like it, BUT IT IS NOT MANDATORY. So what in the world is your problem?

All I can gather from people like you is that you use features you hate, which makes no sense. Sometimes I group with friends, sometimes I RDF, sometimes I mix RDF and friends. The options are there for people who need options, not for you, who has 5 people foaming at the mouth to overanalyze every dungeon encounter.

You play your way, I play mine. Why does what I do affect you? At all?


The tanks and healers will be forminging there own groups. Then we will be barraged by 30 posts aday from people crying about dps ques in RDF. People are sick and tired of reading and seeing the same thread made 10 times a day about why with out rdf they wont be able to lvl there army of alts.

1.) No one cares about your army of alts

2.) Most dont mind RDF, but we are sick and tired of being told our experiences with it arent real and we are retarded dumb or small brained for being hesitant to want it expecially cross realm

3.) We arent getting RDF so adapt over come and maybe i dont know help make a better LFG tool, contribute to the game. Dont come on here every day all day and just complain and degrade be toxic towards the devs. Im sure that will get rdf put in for sure.

4.) Some people like rdf some dont. Both sides have equal opinions and both deserve to be heard. Every post agreeing with blizzards stancd on rdf is flagged ans hidden by the que table army. Thats toxix bhavior.



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