Can we just get rid of this broken Group Finder tool?

But once again with 0 incentive to do so. Thankyou for at least admitting that RDF does make you antisocial. I will now wait for you to explain why - given that people are antisocial as you say - making it even easier for people to be antisocial is somehow a solution to this problem instead of making things worse.

Retail no longer uses RDF for its most difficult 5 man content. Not even for regular mythics which are already faceroll tier. RDF is only usable for LFR and the equivalent of normal dungeons. In retail there is 0 reason to do these, there aren’t even badges that contribute gear as it is in classic, let alone pre raid BIS and in some case P1 BIS.

Until they change their minds.

Sorry, it was a typo. Type too fast without realizing. No, RDF does not make you Anti Social. I’ll put it this way, and this was also the same all the way back in Vanilla, right through to now. It was all based off the person on whether they chose to be socialable or not within any group content. If you think spamming the chat “LFM” is being social, sorry, it isn’t. It is just spam. If you think spamming the trade chat “WTS” is being social, no, it isn’t. It is just spam.

Like it or not, socialising to make a group is social. The system we have and that we have used for the last 3 years works well. As for community, I’m sorry you don’t see it as an important aspect of the game but it is. It’s a very significant part of classic and developing social experiences with people you can play with again was and is always a large part of the classic experience.

You’re a remulos player, and I can tell you for a fact that 90% of your groups will be from people you cannot play with again from yojamba and arugal and that’s in the optimistic scenario that we don’t get crossed over with Americans. And if we do, make the number 99%. If that does not change your classic experience I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe try being a bit more social?

Coming from the one claiming RDF makes people Anti-Social. Maybe you should listen to your own advise then.

RDF is coming, whether you like it or not. It is just a matter of time.

And once again no amount of cope is going to change that. This isn’t a singleplayer experience, you know where you can go for that.

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Agreed 100 percent. This tool is just a mangled version of the retail LFG tool, and neither have any place in WoTLK classic. Bring back the TBC tool or just leave us with a LFG channel.

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RDF is not a single player experience.

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And you expect Blizzard to hold there word, like how they said they want to give us the “true classic experience” and gives us an altered game to what it originally is.

Without any community aspects it may as well be.

There’s no community aspect to pugging dungeons now.

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Way to take me out of context. You know that wasn’t my point at all… RDF was in wrath, this is wrath classic, it should be here.

And no, I haven’t. To answer your pointless question.

How is “needlessly complicated method of grouping” out of context? We didn’t even have an LFG assist tool before pre-patch, other than that TBC one that didn’t work and nobody used. Now we get an improved version of the BB addon everyone was using and it’s “needlessly complicated”? Everyone who isn’t tourist played Classic by using LFG chat and forming connections, RDF was not needed before and it won’t be needed now.

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I have had a completely different interaction with it. At least on a pvp server that is. I actually am a fan of the current lfg tool.

I was running a few dungeons there were moments where we would discuss dungeon location or help someone with a quest nearby the dungeon first, horde problems. Agreeing to attack horde and having a little fun and most importantly if someone was being ganked we showed up to help em and get vengeance. Over all this is a social interaction that would NEVER of happend with a instanced based teleport/queue system where I could just afk inside of a Inn intill a sound goes off.

Over all I think it needs minor tweaks to fix the minor bugs but other wise what we have now is better then nothing at all.

You took it out of context by quoting one line from my paragraph and ignoring the nuance of RDF… I wasn’t talking about BEFORE classic wrath. I’m talking about current classic wrath.

But we’re on opposite sides of the argument. If you really believe it’s going to kill a community, then make it server specific. You get the same result as the LFG tool with the exception of not needing to run to dungeons. The LFG tool produces near exact results that RDF does if RDF was realm specific. If that would somehow kill your socialization, that’s your fault. You can type in chat just as easy.

There is no before and after, Classic is a continuum. You can talk about Era or SoM as isolated, but not the main Classic progression. The point of Classic was to not be retail, if you’re just going to add retail things to Classic then shut down the servers.

RDF was in wrath. Was wrath retail?

Arguably the beginning.

Don’t get fussy with me because you self owned.

I tried making a group for my level 30 Shaman for SM Graveyard and I waited maybe 20 mins and then finally I looked to make my own group from the people who had posted groups and every one of them kept declining me a healer from making a group to do it. At that point I was like “man I sure wish there was a system that automated this…”