Can we just get meta back

Demo’s been in such a horrid place since it’s removal it’s not even funny anymore. I don’t know what the blizzard big brains have going through their skulls but it’s clearly not the right ideas. Current demo has too many casts, lack luster damage outside of tyrant, and some talents don’t make sense (looking at you nether portal).

This has gone on long enough, I don’t know how or why some people like the mass summoner idea. There’s no “master summoner” aspect when the only damn thing you’re focused on is imps. This spec feels like an imp mother, not a warlock, not a master summoner. Demon bolt doesn’t even look right nor does the proc effect (good job art team) idk why you changed it from legion. Frankly idek who’s idea it was when pvp design got involved (Fel lord, Observer, tyrant A.I and the setup required).

Best part is, in No Man’s Land, it’s not any different, same problems, same issues, but this time we got less haste :smile::smile: Seriously guys come on. There’s been nothing to replicate the fun, skill, and integrity that Meta brought. The play style hasn’t been replicated by MemeH and current demo just makes me wanna blow my brains out.

It’s funny for awhile blizzard, reroll DH isn’t the answer, and this bs called Demo right now isn’t the solution. Give us meta, you can clearly do that if 2h frost, 1h fury, and Shadow priests can get their play styles.


While I can appreciate your position and your desire to see some form of metamorphosis return. I just don’t think it’s realistic. Blizz specifically took away Meta to give to the demon hunters. I don’t imagine they will reverse course on that any time soon.

Perhaps you could get behind the Demonic stable idea? Where Demonologists can complete either quest content or find drops that allow us to summon specific more powerful or unique demons which we then defeat, enslave and add to either a master summoner grimoire or other stable style game mechanic. We could then replace our existing demons who will perform similar tasks. Perhaps a buff to demon power or utility during this whole process would be in order but i leave that to the devs to crunch the numbers.

It seems to me this idea would be something Blizz would potentially listen to rather than asking for meta back. I just think you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration if you focus away from meta.

Anyway I hope you’ll consider this alternative.


Meta will never come back, even for flavor. The lack of Meta and the inclusion of Ritual of Doom says as much.

Support #WarlockStables

I need to ask this but why, every post like this is made from an Alt classic character? and 99% of the time its not even an Alt classic warlock.

it’s always an alt, from another class, low level, from WoW Classic.

There an Shaman, there is an warrior, there is druid and even a paladin.

but not a single warlock.

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There I’ll post on my main I was trolling other threads and forgot to swap my character for this.

As for the Warlock Stables I’m behind that 100%, what I’m not behind is how demonology plays right now. What I’d like to see even if we don’t get meta is at least Chaos wave or touch. Some fluid some more instant casts that matter added. Just make it flow and do something have damage. You shouldn’t have to rely on 100% pet A.I as a warlock. We’re a warlock, not a hunter, the pets are normally secondary.

You clearly play the game with your mythic + progress and raids (outside of pvp, I got you beat there) but trust me when I say meta demo just feels better. Or it did at least, I guess I’m asking for is for demo to have a similar or better rotation like it’s MoP counterpart.

That’s better, but just want to point out i didn’t make an call out because of some sort of “warlock stats” due to progression/m+/pvp rating as i don’t believe progression on a content make the opinion of someone better or worse. (And i don’t even having a good progression at anything to show off)

It’s just that level 15 classic alts just give the impression it’s a throw away character to troll around.

I can give you that the gameplay on MoP (I dislike the demonbolt spender build of WoD) is very good, but its something that could come back without metamorphosis and be just as good.

I think being stuck in transforming itself in a big purply demon elf damages the final objective of an better class design because Metamorphosis itself won’t ever come back (the transformation).

Now, the gameplay? its more possible but i find it unlikely when they just killed its “distant relative” in the form of Shadow Priest Legion/BfA playstyle.

those systems have an tendecy of either being horribly broken or absurdly weak with no inbetween.

I want meta back. I hate the current design of Demo, imp mother spec with all dmg tied to CDs feels horrible to play.


MoP was literally where Demo should have been and stayed. Chucking chaos waves and obliterating people. Being able to tank… all this was so much fun

I havent touched my lock in 5 years because it just isnt fun anymore. MoP demo was the literal god tier xpac of class design for me and they yanked it away just like that.


This energy would’ve been useful like back in April when alpha started

Where was this energy for the past five months lol

We’re at most 4 weeks from prepatch and now these threads are coming up lol

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Signing this post as well for bringing back Meta. Its not ok that it got moved to Demon Hunters. Why cant two classes have similar builds.


I always, always loved MoP Demo, seriously it was the most fun I ever had playing WoW…

I see why they removed it, but I always disagreed, while both skills shared the same name to DHs, they played completely different, Visually different, it completed the Demo fantasy and not to mention the spec, great burst, mobility and survivability…

I always say, imagine if we kept metamorphosis and they just worked on it…

People have suggested, just like Shadow Priests in beta have LotV talent which gives the old play style of Void Form, why not remove a dead talent to give us the old Play style of MoP Meta, currently sacrificed souls and Nether Portal do not even compete close to Demonic Consumption… Sacrificed Souls should just be changed to Meta…it’s a passive skill that brings nothing to Demo…


I think the demons stable is a much more achievable goal and we should be pushing for that. Meta is a fever dream. We’re not getting it back.


i mean, spriests got their old playstyle back. why cant we? push the stables and pets as a new 4th spec.

Get the hell out of here with that mentality, if priests got there’s and kept their old one, then we can get ours too.


I’ll go anywhere I please Boltex. Meta is a fantasy. I’m sorry that it’s a bitter pill to swallow but the reality is Blizz gave meta to another class. You might have a chance if they had just pruned it out of existence but they didn’t. So long a demon hunters exist meta will remain with them.

So we should remove Feral Charge from druids, Feral Leap from Enhance because it’s all too similar to charge, or remove protection pally or warrior because it’s too similar or is another class. :rofl: Holy crap do you read the garbage that comes out of your mouth before you post. Do some content first and tell me demo right now feels good in those. You might have a chance at a good argument if you’d actually play the class and try it out.


Your appeal to authority fallacy and insults mean nothing. You know I’m right which makes you angry. The class design in my opinion needs a solid interrupt and one or two instant casts to keep the pressure on our targets. Our demons need to hit harder too. Meta just isn’t going to happen. It’s not the idea of two classes being too similar it’s that blizz specifically took meta away from us as soon as they introduced demon hunters. We can logically deduce from that action that blizz doesn’t want us to have it. Learn to accept reality.

Then learn to accept the fact there’s a questline and lore as to why warlocks have it. I’m technically in the right here, your ignorance is quite baffling. 1-2 instant cast fillers aren’t going to do squat unless they generate shards anyway just an fyi. If they’re going to take a reasonably functioning class away from us and replace it with dog then they might as well delete the spec and restart from the ground up.

You notice how scare the people agreeing with you are around these parts? How many want meta back, know the playstyle is better, or want a Shadow Priest like style where you can choose between old and new? Maybe take a hint and figure out what’s right for the spec. We don’t need more people telling blizzard the wrong thing.


In interviews Ion has said demo is where they want it to be. I would interpret that as they like the design as is. You’re free to continue tilting at that Windmill but understand people will continue to point out it’s a windmill and not a giant.

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And there’s the issue, how many other classes are they “fine” or “where they want it to be” that are utterly horrid to play, feel bad, or are unviable.

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