Can we just get meta back

Regardless of your personal opinion about the state of the class as is. You know I’m right when I say Blizz specifically took away the meta playstyle and gave its core mechanic to demon hunters. They simply aren’t going to reverse that decision. It’s a waste of energy to rage over it. Better to focus on changes they might actually listen to.

They like the master summoner angle let’s work to make that better.

Ion, the same man that gave us bfa. What an awful authority figure.


Wow, it’s almost as if… WARLOCK PLAYERS LIKED META!!

There’s also literally 0 reason to not let both have it.

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I know they did, they’re ignorant as to what good class design is much like yourself.

Classic cough cough Shadow priest cough cough

Said the 1 handed frost dks and 2 furies

I am, it’s called get meta back.

I am, by asking them to give it meta, you realize we can have both yes? You can’t possibly be that blind unless you main a DH.


You clearly have memory issues. My DH is level 102 I’ve already told you this before.

Right back at you if you don’t remember any of the class changes, classic, or the green fire questline.

No I remember, I just think you’re lying at this point. I don’t see anyone outside of Meme Hunters say that kind of crap.

Let’s tell the demon stable people they can’t get their wishes and that they should stop asking because hunters already have it. :^)


Yeah you gonna crush the Demon Stable idea because “Hurr DUrr hunters have it Hurr Durr”

You have a point Theon. I happen to be a demon stable supporter. Although I’d like a quest based system to gather the components to summon the demon in question then defeat and subjugate it adding to a sort of Grimoire.

Anyway good luck in your quest for Meta. I think it’s a waste of time but it’s your time to waste so enjoy.

With the help of the OG hero class DK we will get meta back eventually. Thank you Theon, we have won a victory here.

With all due respect, getting Meta back is not really in conflict with Demon Hunter having their Meta. I mean the 2 Meta looks and works differently, so why not? They can even give it a different name if they like.

I am 100% on this idea. Warlock and Hunter are the only 2 classes that are designed to have pets. While hunter enjoys new models and pets every xpact, warlock just keep on losing it. Now, warlock is back to the old classic days when only vanilla pets can be permanent (save for the demon guard). How come every other class is getting big and powerful while warlock cant even afford to have some more powerful pets? It is simply unreasonable.


Just like the good old days with quests and etc., fun and roleplay experience combined. Love it, but given Blizz attitude toward Warlock, I’d happy if they simply apply it.

Where is the fun if we simply accept the way it is. After all, typing isnt that much efforts…

Let’s start a campaign calling for Meta to come back.