Can we have worgen monks now?

Its that time again, time to yet again ask for the race/class combo we should have gotten years ago. No there is no lore based reason worgen or goblin cant be monks. If Troll monks can berserk and Orc monks can Blood Fury then I think worgens would be fine.


LF Draenei Rogues first.


The restriction on worgen/goblin monks is strange. It’s almost as strange as Blood Elves being the only race that couldn’t be warriors back in the day.

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Maybe they can since Exile’s reach is a thing now

The restriction is there because blizzard couldn’t get the unique monk animations to work on Worgen so they opted to not allow the combo and goblin lost out to make factions even.

Considering draenei can be monks, I can’t see that explanation being true.



I have seen this claimed everywhere. Is there a twitter post source or something?

Draenei had monk animations at the start of MoP. I think you misunderstood my post.

Worgen didn’t get monk animations until sometime in WoD a full expansion later.

Blood Elves get druids and Worgens get monks.

The deal is made. :clap::handshake:

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Ah, well, them not finding the time to update their newest models (at the time) makes more sense than a technical limitation.

It was implied during an interview quite awhile back slightly before MoP release. The whole why they couldn’t get animations to work is just speculation and it probably had a lot to do with the Worgen/Goblin being the newer races at the time.

Blizzard never commented on lore reasons why the combination doesn’t exist which makes the animation argument a more likely scenario.

There’s also the fact that they would have to make modifications to the starting areas of Goblins and Worgen in order to add Monks to them. They probably didn’t think that the amount of work required to add the class to them justified giving them the Monk class.

They also used lore as a justification for not giving Worgen and Goblins the Monk class. The confirmed lore reason is that Pandaren simply never reached Gilneas to train Worgen.

It’s also possible that they decided that Monk didn’t fit the racial aesthetics for Worgen either, considering that “samurai Worgen” concepts were scrapped during Cataclysm’s development for not following the culture kit they wanted to have for Worgen.

They might still add Worgen and Goblin Monks someday. I doubt it will happen in Shadowlands, though.

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Actually both them and goblins have had monk animations since monks were added, looked quite amazing actually (wow model viewer). The reason they were excluded was purely their starting zones.

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Goblins could possibly become monks.
Blizzard’s werewolves, less so.

After playing Trials of Mana, I’m fully on board with this. A Worgen seeking to master martial arts and self enlightenment to combat his feral nature. All aboard. Also not all Goblins are self serving greedy monsters. At least one in Ashenvale a Shaman put the world above himself.

Also Lightforged Monks, You cannot have T’paartos in the recruitment hitting things with his fists and not have LF Monks after that.

Never forget.

You’re right, worgen monks should totally be a thing! (Jon Talbain anyone?)

I’d also love to see draenei rogues, lightforged monks, and highmountain priests.

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Tauren rogues
Forsaken paladins
Goblin druids
Pandaren warlocks
Worgen monks

You’re welcome to RP one if you’d like, as it could be possible in very rare scenarios. But nah, I dont need to see a ballet werewolf.

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False, No explanation was ever given. Your guessing that as a possible in lore reason but just like how they came up with a reason for worgen to have druids while in isolation they could have easily explained away monks for the first 20 levels. Revealing after the fact that the Worgen monk trainer was trained by a wondering pandaren before the Gates were closed.

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Worgen definitely did not have complete animations until sometime in WoD. I remember testing this out in duskwood with the mobs that could turn you into Worgen.

The only animation that looked complete at the time was FSK. FoF was hilariously not complete while BoK and Roll had no animations at all.