Can we have void elf customizations that is more void focused, in addition to the high elf options?

Don’t get me wrong, it is really nice to see all high elf customizations for the void elves here. More customization options are always a good thing. Which is why i also ask this in addition, giving those that enjoys the concept of void elves but not high elves their own options that focus on more voidy aspects of the void elves.

Both people here should get both of best worlds here. :slight_smile:

…also i know i already said this twice, but i’m not asking replacements, i’m asking additions. Keep that in mind please. :pleading_face:

Edit: Been lethargic lately. My apologies. This continuity between the two threads is gonna get weird but i did say i was going to specify what i want for void elves here on the other thread. Also going to include some of Fenelon’s suggestions from that thread (whether paraphrasing or a direct copy) i linked down below the OP and will link again for reference. Thanks man! :slight_smile:

Void elves:

  • More hair tentacles
  • Face tentacle options like one on the chin and etc
  • Sha and other old god corruption, via skintones, eyecolors, and etc.
  • Veiny, half corrupted, dark corrupted and bright corrupted skins.
  • Body jewelry but void theme.
  • Void reflecting tattoos
  • Eyes of verying degrees of void corruption as well Starcursed, Aszhara and Black eyes. And void reflection as well.
  • Stark White and Void Black, violets, maroon, teals, blues, near neon orange and yellows, and Void(like their tentacles), and Starcursed hair colors.

Lets give nightborne the night elf model and night warrior options. After all, “more customization options are always a good thing.”


I wish Alliance would stop being so cringe. :cold_face:


I was making a suggestion for Blizzard here to make it fair and even for both players of the void elf… Honestly, i asked because i wanted both to be happy and get the options they get. That and i wanted to expand their initial concept of the void elves (in addition to the high elf options). It’s something i did took an issue with when it first launched. :neutral_face:


Do you really want the amazing three huge eyebrows they added to the Night Elves, that up to date nobody uses? Go ahead. :eyes:

Nightborne deserve same love as Void Elves though. As they are the allied race that mirrors the Void Elves, not the Blood Elves.

As for Void Elves, yeah. There were some really cool fan made customization for Void Elves that was really way better than anything High/Blood Elf related. But I am happy for the black hair.

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I wish void elf would get no more changes At all and instead work on trolls and troll beards


I mean both are pretty good. :slight_smile:

I just wish they also added in as much customization for the void side of things as much as the high elves.

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Yeah, I’m happy for the customization. As an AR we’re getting a lot of things. I think white and black hair works for Void Elves and I kinda get that is easier to add colors than void related things on a playable model. Many of the VE requested stuff maybe required an overhaul of the model or something.

I could be wrong, though. I am no game designer.

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Well i mean, there’s having void vieny skin, some more void colors like pure jet black or pure white… You can also throw in more void elf related hair colors like pulsating purple and such. Or just purple. I don’t know, i have to take a look at that thread and see what’s the proverbial low hanging fruit (as in easy, not bad) here that Blizzard can put in. :thinking:

Edit: there we go! The Hair colors, skintones and eye colors in there will do. As well a tattoo system. :point_down:


No! I won’t see that. Just like I don’t want to see the fanmade assets of the Nightborne.

Only because when I see it, every other customization added in game will look bad for me. :sob:

Voidier Void elves looks beautiful. Definitely >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> High Elves and Blood Elves by a colossal margin.

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To be fair, in this analogy giving us Belf customizations was the Night Elf equivalent… chiding someone for asking for VOID options on a VOID Elf would be like being salty the NB finally got Night Borne customizations increased and remodeled finally…

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* = in addition, not as a replacement… Keep that in mind lord.

I know i shouldn’t have to say this over and over, but the way people react to these sorts of things with void elves… i feel the need to emphasize that over and over again.

Oh I know, I just wanted to point out how backwards the analogy is to NB…

Fair enough.

I didn’t touch the comment because were simply talking about void elves here today, that and i just want it to be a quick, clear and civil suggestion here. I simply just want the people who enjoy the concept of void elves, get their options too.

Can we stop asking for more stuff for this race?
This is very “if you give a mouse a cookie.”
Let them put even half as much into the other allied races.


Why not? It’s something i’ve always felt with the void elves. While i did like the idea of high elves options, i think they should’ve expanded on the void elf concept.

Nobody is saying “Don’t do the other allied races, just do void elves”… Why would i say or think that after i said… :point_down: :neutral_face:

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I enjoy the concept of nightborne. They should be able to look like copy paste night elves. “More customization options are always a good thing.”

Here’s the thing though. Void elves have gotten customization both times that new customization has been put out now. It’s time to take a step back. Be mad at the high elf people for high jacking the race and making it all about them. I think void elf should have never gotten the blood elf stuff and stayed void elf. They were actually great the way they were implemented. Now they’re just a meme. The whole community is just never happy and want more and more and want this from that race and that from this race. They won’t be happy until they’ve taken any semblance of originality from all the races in the game.


Yes. But given the context we should be actually grateful that the Alliance finally gets something what they wanted. Just imagine your Vulpera being denied and shoehorned into the Alliance, how would you feel? This is what happened to the High Elf-request prior the Void Elves.

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I can understand that, it is a bit much for a race like that. Though maybe in hindsight, one of those times should have been complete void focused customization and the other be the high elf options we have today… considering if their doing this compromise with this race.

Why? I’m not mad at them. I’m not mad at the people who are asking for void elf options either. Both should get what they want with removing anything. :confused:

I mean i’m glad you think that, i always thought they should’ve went completely on with the void elf concept. Especially since looking at the thread i’ve linked and i’m going like “man, i wish this came with the void elves when it first released”. I did like the high elf options in addition when they did came out though, which got me playing a void elf, but that shouldn’t mean i don’t want the void elf as a concept to not exist anymore. Far from it.

Especially since it’s not difficult for me to understand how not everybody won’t or isn’t happy with the void elves being high elves, and i think they should also get void elf customization.

If you’re happy with your void elf being a void elf, that’s great. If you’re happy with your void elf being a high elf, that’s great too. :slight_smile: