Can we have void elf customizations that is more void focused, in addition to the high elf options?

Yes but for those that wanted their void elf to be a void elf, they’ve been ignored to cater to the whiney high elf community. Now if they go and give even more attention to void elves to give them void customization, that is going to be extremely irritating to the people that play the other races. The void elves have been ruined (for me personally) because of this. I will be someone who is very irritated if they spend more time on void elf customization rather than other races. I feel like their time is done and they need to take a back seat. It isn’t even so much the time spent on the customization anymore either, it’s the principal of the matter.


I mean the void elves did get their black and white hair colors, something that can also be considered a void elf customization. I’m just using this thread to give void elf customization some attention here too in equal parts. :slight_smile:

I mean to be fair, the races have pretty uneven customization options across the board. I think the one that has the most amount of options out of the bunch is definitionally humans. I think they should also give that same love to everybody else.

Maybe when i have the time, i will make a more general customization suggestion thread because i do have a few of my own suggestions to give.

…Customization options are not a zero sum economy. If they can give all the base races plus the void elves this customizations and just essentially giving allied races a foundation to start with (it’s the reason why they get the updated options like eye colors being a separate thing and such, but not more of the customization options themselves like hair styles and such), they are going to build upon the rest of the allied races later down the line here.

Nobody is saying no race deserves less attention here. :man_shrugging:

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To be honest what I think they should of done and maybe they do , because I kept my Velf as A Blueberry elf.

Gave the options of the lighter skins and made it like the Worgen human form.

THey can have their non void color skins and hair but the moment they enter combat and they have to press a button and they go full on void and have to click on the spell in their book once out of combat to go back to the non void look .

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I think until some of the other races are brought up to par they should take a back seat. No harm in asking for more stuff of course but I would be lying if I said I hope you get it. I hope they put the race on the back burner and spend time giving more to the other races. What I really mean is, I hope they get nothing for a while. Maybe it’s some resentment speaking but whatever, they should finally feel what it is like to be left out like other players have.

That’s pretty unnecessarily spiteful. Why not just wish that everyone can make their character look the way they want?


… How does this solves resentment by being unfair to those who want void elf customizations?.. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Blizzard made a mistake opening the can of worms on void elf customizations because now it’ll be forced to be the focus of customization updates due to the player base surrounding it… While I appreciate more options, void elves need to take a back seat for a while so some other races can get love. That isn’t to say void elves shouldn’t get anything, but it’s depressing sitting over here watching them get even more updates while I’m sitting at the third lowest option of customization (just above LFD).

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Honestly it’s because of what I mentioned before. The void elves have gotten no void customization because of the high elf community. Spiteful? Pretty much. Not going to apologize for it either.

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… Maybe ask for more LFD options? I mean it’s not an ultimatum sort of thing. Especially since they have been listening.

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Okay, so why not fix the problem with having more void customization then? And heck, if you want, we can also also ask to give the same amount of love to the other races too. (just not this thread, i’l make another one for that.) I see that as a win-win. :slight_smile:

People have. The problem is, there isn’t a population for it. Requests for other customization tend to fall off the first page or are buried by more high elf/void elf options. And since they’re so loud and populous, they tend to get the focus.

And while not an ultimatum or mutually exclusive, they have limited resources. So while it likely doesn’t take much time to transfer blood elf options to void elf options, it’s still resources that other races aren’t getting. Now if we’re also asking to essentially double the customization of the void elves, you’re asking resources to be focused on one race while the rest don’t get the attention or interest.

I’ve had this talk before. People have tried to request more customization for other races; the threads don’t last long and it’s frustrating.

Ok you and I both agree that void elves need void customization right? Here’s where the problem lies for me though. The void elf has already gotten a lot more than say the Nightborne and in all honesty it would seem pretty unfair if they get even more before some of the other races get stuff. Say they are putting out some more customization in 9.2 and work on some of the other allied races but not all of them and not all of the other races BUT void elves are getting some more void options. You see how that trend might be pretty irritating to some people that may not be getting stuff STILL. Now if they decide to do ALL of the races then fine but that hasn’t been the trend. They typically do some races and wait on others.

It’s fine if they get void stuff one day, but soon or even sooner than say pandas or worgen get new stuff, no. Hence the take a back seat for bit stance.

edit: this is your thread to ask for stuff though so I’m going to bow out and let you have your wishes put out there. I shouldn’t have turned it into another argument of void elves get too much.


This argument is a two-way street, you know that. Especially with High Elves… which have been in the talks ever since I started to play back in MoP.

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Maybe it’s a silly thought of mine, but we could ask them “if you play on other races, what customization options you would ask for that race you play?”.

Well fair enough. So why not double the amount for everywhere else then if you feel it’s only fair?.. :point_down:

I don’t know Rhuor. The thread i linked seemed to lasted long as it did. Not to mention there was one thread that wanted black and white hair and we got exactly that. :thinking:

Something something, squeaky wheel grease, something something, yum.

In addition, yes.

Alright, give nightborne the same amount of stuff the void elves are getting or got.

…I’m not going to ask them to continue giving void options after we get void options. (I’l cop to the weird wording though) Just something that satisfy the current players who like void elf as a concept and wished they got a bit more out of it for the very moment.

If we get void options in addition, then sure. For the sake of fairness, i will gladly stop at void elves for now.

Fair enough, i mean it’s your opinion to disagree with me and i can’t ever say your wrong. I might disagree, but i digress.

I’m making this thread secondarily because i’ve seen a lot of disillusioned among the community of void elves here, as just i has seen with high elves. And i don’t think it would do any good to keep the division going by asking stuff to be removed or stop catering to one side or another, or make them feel as the high elves did. I would rather they have both.

I know this sounds like i’m some sort of “positive vibes” sort of forum goer… and i do mean that in quotes… but i’m really tired of this division. :neutral_face:

I’m not going to continue to derail your thread. The fight for customizations has happened since they announced that they would be adding them into Shadowlands, and the forum posts for the elves stay up so much longer. It’s been an issue since the start of this expansion, it’ll be an issue long after. It’s pretty standard for the elves to get most of the love due to size of population, which tends to leave the rest of the races in the dirt.

Yes, I would love if every race got double the options. But doubling what’s effectively a quarter of what one race already has means we still don’t even have the same number of options as that race. And at no point have any of the copious amounts of elf threads decided to try and use their voice for any other races, because all that matters is elves.

Yes, I sound bitter. But this is a 15 year old argument ever since blood elves entered the game, and I’ve been here for it since the start. At this point, I’m just tired.

Ramblings over, I hope you get the options you want. I imagine we’ll see more void elf options coming up before long.

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… Alright. I mean that’s fair enough i suppose. I guess if i wanted to talk more about general customization options, it is best reserved for another topic another day. I did want to focus on void elves here today anyways. so… :man_shrugging:

I definitionally won’t deny those sorts of threads exist before, during and after, that they are pretty popular. Should be noted that popularity doesn’t determine quality. Especially since you later on say that elves are more popular, which… don’t humans have way more?

Okay maybe i’m misinterpreting what you are saying, if so, mea culpa… but to give an idea of what am i talking about when i said "they should give the same amount as they did with void elves, here’s in this particular made up example (using only legion allied races for now) looks like after the high elf and vold elf options. :point_down:

NB: 10
VE: 50
LFD: 10
HMT: 15

Now here’s where i’m getting at with that. :point_down:

NB: 50 (Night elf options but reworked to be made nightborne looking, a wretched NB eye color and skin tone in addition to what blizzard giving)
VE: 50
LFD: 50 (Normal Draenei options, separate the beard and hair from the face horns, in addition to what blizzard giving)
HMT: 50 (Normal tauren options, separate the beard and hair from each other into more options like beard, sideburns, mustaste, mane, etc)

They already have the Night Elf model.

…Technically, yes. As in, their model and animations are the only things that make them stand out a bit more then the other AR. But i digress.

I’m not sure, can we take the population of blood and void elves and combine them? Then again, even blood elves are getting kind of shafted while the void elves get a lot.

Sorry, again it’s that bitterness as I’m honestly just tired of elves getting so much while everyone else languishes. Even now when the focus was said to be Nightborne and LFD the void elves are getting more. It just feels so annoying.

I would love that to happen, but it requires resources. So it would likely take a long time, and the result would be popular races first, unpopular races last. And the game could not even last as long as getting to the unpopular races with the speed Blizzard is working on customization now.

Fair enough. :man_shrugging: