Can we get rid of Slice And Dice?

Its a button that increases our normal attack speed. Woo. How fun. At least make it unique to each spec…like…Assassinations turns into, idk, Poison Maggot. It attaches itself to your target for X seconds based on how many combo points you spend on it, leeches the instant poison damage on your target and stores it until the countdown ends and explodes in an AoE. Increased damage to your main target yada yada yada. idk its SOMETHING at least.

Lets workshop this so we can be ignored by blizzard.


I dont even want it changed to have additional effects. Just removed or made a simple passive. Spending CP on attack speed is stupid.


Yeah Slice and Dice is stupid. It should be a passive effect at like level 28 that increases at level 40 or something.

Finishing moves invigorate you with haste, granting 30%(50% at Rank 2) increased attack speed for 3 seconds per combo point.

You’re welcome Blizzard, I fixed it.


I like it being tacked onto finishing moves or, if removed, getting that animation as a toy or glyph like swirly ball – i’m a sucker for animation nostalgia :0

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This keeps coming up, don’t use it then. A lot of us rogues enjoy what it brings when you think deeper about it than spending combo points on a hasty buff.

It increases energy regen by 15% passively when activated (needed) , it increases attempts at getting trinkets to proc on say flayed wing toxin, weapon enchant procs, it further increases shadow techniques proc time, increases chance for the Outlaw kids to get off hand strikes and secondary strikes with their mastery and further increases the value of that 75% proc to get 10 energy for them, increases poison procs for those who are Assassination and affects energy regeneration even further, increases auto attack damage by a considerable amount as well.

Take it off your bars instead of saying this nonsense, they won’t give us a new ridiculous finisher and they aren’t bringing real recuperate back. Any Rogue who loves roguing can appreciate the benefits that this small thing brings. It is a very valuable, if you have deeper strategem - you rarely think about it as is because it gives close to a minute long buff.


Yeah, the subject keep comming back.
I agree Blizz instead of perma removing it, could give an alternative for all spec, not only Sub… Oh, wait, it’s actually what Blizz did! Sin have SnD refreshed after CP finisher, Outlaw have 1 hour of its duration, so he/she forget SnD exist, and Sub got it automatically at the beggining of every fight thx to Premeditation!
And look! With the new talent system you are not forced to choose between Prem and other viable abilities, because it cost only 1 talent point on a huge tree of points!
With all that in mind, the fans of the classic WoW abilities still can use it, and the game is fun for them too, not only for players don’t like SnD!

If that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is.


I disagree in the case of outlaw. That spec is already fast paced and adding another maintenance buff is un-fun.

I actually like SnD for assassin though.


Totally agree Outlaw has now a shi…load of (not all fun) abilities needed to be pressed, not like it was earlier. One of the reasons I stop to play this spec tbh.
One of that kind of ability is Between the Eyes - so cool, thematic and satisfied after pressing it in Legion, now reduce to some crit buff.


SnD as an active ability is not fun or exciting. It makes way more sense to have it as a passive.


I mean I think SnD should be a passive, not gotten rid of.

I play Assassination so SnD is press once at the beginning of the fight and maintain it by envenoming. It was an important ability back in Vanilla but were at the point where it really should just be a passive that occurs once we use a combo spender attacks and combo points spenders add to its duration.


It’s up to the Outlaw to decide if they want to use it then. Easy decision there for them . Us rogues adapt from moment to moment, maybe you want to hold a few seconds as a wave of bads are coming up , maybe we have a priority enemy to nuke, maybe a fresh SnD is useful here to get some life back (if you have recuperate) and just rolled that buff for leech (can’t remember as I am not an outlaw rogue). The point is having tools to use instead of pruning us. They make it passive then they would nerf it down the road because of some dumb streamer abusing it. It’s all up to us to decide when to use something appropriately.


No. Slice and Dice is a great addition to all 3 specs and it sorely needed to return.

Rogue is all about investment and return. SnD doesnt need to do any immediate flashy thing to be impactful. It does something good for all 3 specs and increases the skill cap. Removing it would lobotomize the class further, as we’ve already seen.

I’m actually excited that I won’t need to talent into Cut to the Chase in DF. I like having to keep track of SnD in my rotation.


I really liked Inquisition when ret had it but a lot of people complained about it for the same reasons you’re complaining about slice and dice.

We get to choose what we want, yes. But we can’t decide to make blizz not tune rogue dps around SnD because it’s the theoretical meta build.


It just buffs passive stuff already native to every spec. You coulda just said that. Theres no deep thinking involved. It should be a passive effect.

Yeah its great until youre in an aoe situation where you barely even envenom.
Everyone defending SnD literally only thinks about it in ST situations. Sin and Sub already have a ton of abilities with uptime needed to be tracked. SnD does not need to be another one. It should be passive. You literally don’t even use it in aoe because it only increases single target passive damage. The fact that every spec tree has a talent to passively increase the SnD uptime is completely asinine. Could have something more impactful in its place by making the entire ability passive


Yes it does, because maintaining the other abilities is no challenge. SnD rounds out all 3 specs nicely.

Almost every single class has abilities that are used in ST but not aoe. This is a non-issue.

So take those talents if you want to.


Come back when you actually play a rogue outside of world questing.


That didn’t address my points at all. SnD is good.


I get that its pretty boring to press but if we removed all min maxing and management/uptime spells the games skill ceiling would be lowered dramatically.

I agree it could be tweaked to be more thematic with each spec but at the end of the day that is just rpg stuff and doesnt change the fact its a boring spell to press.

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Only the devs think SnD is a good idea. Removing it is a complete improvement to gameplay.