Can we get Female satyr? Broken? etc and male Shivarra/Harpies etc

I’d love to see this as it’s own playable race or as a Druid travel/resto form :slight_smile:


We never see them die except Ursula(whose corpse hasn’t been seen) so who knows if they explode into Seafoam or not!

We don’t see a corpse of Ursula so for all we know she may have become Inky Seafoam.

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Why am I not surprised the internet would cry about this.

Back on topic. Hearing we could have had these playable during Legion, and seeing those female Reforged models I can absolutely say I feel robbed.

Give me my female Satyrs.

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I would give my first-born child to play as satyr
I would turn all my toons into them
They is so cool

Wow,over 505 on this topic.hmm female satyrs ,just the species alone is an interesting creature in mythology but with wow it’s not the same and I’m sure they will arise again because they were never really wiped out.

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You really don’t need to they come still your child.

I’m afraid I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to say ahaha

So it’s a transgender satyr?

Who cares if a female satyr would not fit into the definition of a mythological satyr. WoW and mythology are both fantasy we change the definitions of non-real creatures all we want lmao.

They are known to be tricksters and often steal children when left alone ,what they do to the children I have no clue on that.

Satyr? I hardly Knowyr!

But yes this would be cool. Satyr were Night Elves and the male Night Elves are usually absent due to being Druids, so it would really make more sense for the default Satyr to be female.


Anyone with a shred of respect for the culture they’re misappropriating?

You really need to get a life.


I wouldn’t mind playing a character like this ,sneak attacks unaware victims and jump dances off into the woods then

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nah, they won’t be playable and blizzard will most likely replace them with bowls of fruit.

YES YES with sexy xmog!

Now that would be even more interesting since they are a nature creature they can wear fruit bowls but the fruit would more likely keep dropping from the bowls. :astonished:

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Please. Creating female satyr in a video game will not magically destroy all historical documentation which originally defined what a satyr was. You can split the two into fantasy and historical contexts.

Though we are talking about non-existent creatures in the first place. So trying to make rigid definitions for what a non-existent creature is or is not is kind of silly in the first place.


I would like female ogres tbh.

I gotchu!