Can we get Female satyr? Broken? etc and male Shivarra/Harpies etc

OMFG. Dense much?

A question was asked.

I answered it.

Satyr is a male mythological creature.

If Blizzard wants to create a bi-gendered race that’s similar to satyrs in appearance they are free to, but using the word “satyr” for them is culturally inappropriate, linguistically incorrect, and logically inconsistent.

Call them Goatoids or even Satyrites (which means only “like satyrs”), or anything else.


Technically by features WoW’s “Satyrs” are Fauns so… Roman rather than Greek. Key features that make them Fauns: Goat like horns, hairy goat lower legs and hooves, pointed ears, etc.

Fishing in GD is so easy. You barely need bait.


Anyway, put me down for a female satyr that follows that sick Legion concept art. My issue with many of the female demons (Hearthstone/WC3 female satyr, succubi, and night elf demon hunters) is that they all look like the exact same race.

Well then maybe World of Warcraft should stop co-opting it?

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Female Satyr would be fine and would make sense since presumably Xavius had some ladies in his ranks.

But in general warlock needs more customization

Support warlock stables

why should they do that? world of warcraft doesn’t follow greek mythology. satyrs in world of warcraft aren’t male spirits. female satyrs fit perfectly well in world of warcraft and are, in fact, already established in warcraft lore.

Look it is Zuljin the famous Forest troll.

Artistic liberty = You may pull from mythology but you don’t have to be true to it.

Gender inequality lawsuit = You should go out of your way to sure up, fix and explain any unequal gender based junk in your game. Lest you get yourself into further hot water.

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Because, as has been stated many, many times, a satyr is an exclusively male mythological creature that embodies the spirit of the male essence.

It’s inappropriate, culturally insensitive, illogical, and linguistically wrong.


runs in circles, screaming


Says the actual minotaur.



Should i hide the felweed?

Actually I cba.

And we’re back to appeal to authority as the only justification for this.

“Blizzard did, so it’s right.”

Do you have anything else?

Or is this as very specially smart as you get?

I’ll “hide” it… :smiling_imp: whispers “In mah belly…”


Tauren aren’t minotaurs.

lore wise no, appearance wise yes.

The real reason why Master Baiter was removed


Swing and a miss. Tauren are not minotaurs aesthetically either.

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