Can we get a developer answer on this please?

It’s really not a case of what players do or do not want here. Classic is meant to be a museum with no changes from vanilla. If these things aren’t working as they did in vanilla, they should be changed to work how they did even if it annoys some people.

  1. I JUST saw a priest MC ppl off a boat yesterday.

  2. I have no experience with this at all, so idk.

  3. I was burned by a cooking fire someone else put down recently. (At least I think it was player set, it was in a weird spot with no NPCs.)

  4. You’ve always lost rep when killing innocent NPCs in original vanilla as far as I remember.

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No. You got a DHK for killing neutral NPCs. But honor system is not phased in yet!

I cannot sheep other mobs people have tagged. This was my only defense against an annoying faction member stealing my mobs such as an AoE mage who decided he wants to be greedy and not level the normal way. Even when I wanna be helpful, I can’t sheep a mob to save someone when they’re about to get mowed down by a mob. This daycare-tier pandering needs to stop.

(P.S. I’ve noticed while you’re on a flight, you have the option of clicking this Wrath-era vehicle button that will drop you off at the nearest flightmaster if you accidentally clicked the wrong flight location. Remove that, too.)

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Ohhh that’s right, I’m getting rep confused with Dishonor.

Blizzard has this listed in their “Not A Bug” thread. I never played a mage so I can’t confirm but it may have been changed to be that way in a later patch.

For the flight path button thing, blizzard did admit they added that even though it wasn’t in vanilla, saying their rationale for it was that you could do this in vanilla anyway by relogging.

This isn’t a case of, “hey I found this bug, please fix it :D,” this is a case of “stop screwing up my game.” Crap like this takes the fun out of the game and the devs responsible should be fired and have their parking space demolished with their car on top of it.

I don’t really have any strong feelings on polymorphing tagged targets. They should make it work however it did in 1.12 which is the patch they’re trying to recreate. If you could polymorph tagged targets in 1.12, then you should be allowed to do it in classic.

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So wrong lol.


Prove it. I bet you can’t.


See? “You can do this anyway by relogging?” Then make players relog, just as they had to in Vanilla. It’s small, seemingly insignificant changes like this that begin the slippery slope. Before you know it, you’ll be able to get a mount at 20.

I agree. It should’ve been left as it was imo. I was just passing on the word since blizzard’s stance on it has already been stated. Doubt they’re gonna budge on it. Sort of like how they added loot trading in raids.

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#1 doesn’t appear to be true. I only tested it once but I was able to MC a guy who was around level 30 on the boat from BB.

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Yes, these are the types of players that want/ need classic. They aren’t famous or notable in the big sea of retail and need validation while in the small pond of one classic server.

How else to you justify furiously mashing a keyboard in your mom’s basement?

Ever since I learned of the infernal nerf/bug I have used mind control to the slimiest degree daily. I will continue to issue the enemy extreme mental pain daily until they fix it. The sad thing is I would never do stuff like this but if they want care bear then ill gladly show them the reverse. I call upon the players of the realms to do the same with any means they can with the class they play.

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I thought the same exact thing!
I thought they fixed MC on boats!

It turns out that Rank 1 Mind Control doesn’t work on the opposite faction once you hit level 45.
(Still works on NPC)
Was it always this way?

No, no it wasn’t. I have no idea when this change came about but even in WRATH you had to wait for the FP to respawn.

Ugh. Just about ready to go back to private servers.

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#1 Yep, I’ve seen priests MC ppl off boats.

#2 Also the infernal seems to be working correctly according to this video from vanilla (not a private server) :

#3 Yeah we don’t get burned

#4 Flight masters DONT insta respawn, we’ve killed one on our server and it didnt respawn, also didn’t notice a faction rep loss.

I want someone to confirm that rank 1 is bugged or working as intended. Not “I’ve seen a priest do it.”

I get it there are game breaking Class bugs that been waiting weeks for fixes that weren’t in Vanilla. If some changes don’t happen soon, I will be sure to follow as I can’t play this version of the game where nothing is functioning as it should. Trying to get all the talents and abilities to just work right was asking for too much I guess.

Phase 1 is just paying for Beta. Very poor business model.