Can we get a blue post response on queue times?

queues are temporary, and they’ve offered you a solution

Why isn’t the solution also temporary, then?


Most of the money is made off micro transactions, not subs. Blizz knows this so they dont want to fix wrath, they want you to play retail and pay for pixels ingame

the solution is temporary…

No, the solution is permanent, unless you pay extra.

That’s not the same, and you know it.


Yea there are tons of other games that charge $15/mo and have 4-hour queues to play

crazy that people can white knight blizz after they mishandled servers for 3 years straight, then deleted 20 servers, then left queues open to the only RPPVP for months…


10:00 am on grobb today was 2+ hours.

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sadly, right now new accounts are able to create characters on those mega server, and they are using the 70boost so the problem is getting worse even after the transfer restricting.

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You cant restrict it or youll cause players to quit

They should really just beef up their servers, it’s not hard to add more capacity… Realistically this should have been done prior to pre-patch. Now you have given people the option for a “free transfer” which means leaving friends, guildies, and a server they’ve called home since Classic began. It’s quite disappointing. I’m a guild leader and cannot even use my free transfer as I need to either disband or change the leader which you cannot do unless you log in…

They should have just made 1 PVP 1 PVE 1RPPVP 1 RPPVE server and called it day since launch. Mega server this boiiisl


Which is a far cry from the 6 hours you suggested via suggesting I called 10 am “prime time”. Esp as mentioned labor day weekend as such expected longer ques today which I used fair as my example that as mentioned did have longer at only about an hour around noon as mentioned even your example of grob dose not even come close to show what is required for you to suggest I called 10 am “prime time” which would require you to as mention show a 6 hour que at 10 am.

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It is harder than you make it to add capacity. There exist things called budgets. Adding capacity not only requires them to have capacity they can use to increase the servers which when every server is getting hit with higher numbers thats not always possible without getting more than they need in normal times this can be a costly thing to get extra computing power that will than be wasted under normal use. Blizzard has stated in the past there servers only run in house and they do not have the option of using linked network servers to increase capacity for security reasons.

As such adding capacity likely would toss them over the allotted budget and as such is not a practical solution for a business. While this may cost them some players if the math was done by there business analysts to show it as not worth than the ones maintaining the server will not get the ok to do it.

You can use the transfer as a leader you only need to login for a sec which if you cant find any time at all to login even when there is no ques in order to transfer to enjoy the game that’s you picking not to not you being unable to. Eg right now using fair as a example there is no que its just a matter of going out of your way for a moment later at night to make the xfer if that’s the call you made.

Knowing Blizzard, they will most likely to tell you guys to do a free transfer to those dead servers than actually spending money to upgrade the servers

I think there will be a post about it this week. What specific details? Who knows.

You do have to remember it is a long holiday weekend in the US and behind those blue posts are actual people with lives and families.

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They gave you one.

“Here are your free transfers”

That was the response.

Sounds like a you problem.

People are leaving though, so maybe it’ll get better soon. Doubt it thought.

Remember when y’all said you wanted full servers? Yeah, this is what you get when you get full servers.


blue post to tell you what? that there is a queue and maybe you should have gone to a different server ?

Sorry, billion dollar company doesn’t have a weekend crew on a 3 day weekend.


official response was already provided
basically take the free transfer and go somewhere else

They should lock out new characters being made too maybe.
Like just stop anyone from coming in for a bit until the queues die.
It might help, they do it in FFXIV but you also got people remote logging
in and using tricks. XIV also found ways to stop people from doing this.
Game might be boring but at least the devs run it better.

Um, except that isn’t what is going to happen. People aren’t going to transfer to dead servers. They will just unsub like I just did and go play something else. If Blizzard (or you) think that they will lose more money by fixing the ques you have another thing coming. Enjoy playing a dead game since everyone else quit.