Can we get a blue post response on queue times?

So yeah…blizzard this is a big enough problem to warrant some kind of official response. These queue times are absolutely atrocious. If nostalrius could figure out how to make a mega server run relatively smoothly I’m sure you can sort it out. At least respond to the situation by saying something. Give us some plan or something you’re working on besides free xfers to servers that will die.

IMO, Grobbulus is the only RPPVP server. I’ve been there from the start. I don’t want to migrate. Im sure there are many other players who simply dont want to migrate because of the friend networks they’ve built. Fix it please.


Its not really a big problem. It something that has happened every major content patch and launch since the start of the game on large realms. Many having there ques for months after the launch if not entire xpacs. Never has blizzard given a statement about ques.

Ques are a EXPECTED part of being on a large realm and speaking of one who has been on a larger realm since the end of og wrath (illidan to be exact) ques are par for the course. Don’t like it leave the large realms. That is the fix.

Blizzard has constantly did what they could to make que times as small as possible and realms as stable as possible with as many connections as possible as its good business to. As they have stated many times in the past even with layers servers have clear limits and there will be ques when past those limits.

We the players picked to be on these realms and as such we have to deal with the expected result ques. Just like we have literally every single content patch.

Blizzard has given you a way off the servers which is MORE then they have done in the past. This is already enough.

Also just since another game that has entirely different server structure and code can do something doesn’t make it realistically or practically possible to do on another game.


Not 5-6 hour queues, especially when it’s prepatch and not even launch yet. There’s also just not enough layers to accommodate the players.


Illidans record ques was over 12 hours in the past (mop launch). So yes 5-6 hour que fit my post and example exactly.

It’s Labor day weekend. Goodluck getting a response with a company that cuts its staff while having record profits for the year.


6 hour ques consistently, not at the launch of an expansion are not OK. They are not ordinary. There is literally no other service that you pay for that you would find anything like this OK. I hope MSFT fires them all.


I just got word that the Blizzard Devs were logging in to fox the queues now, once their 5 hour queue to join the game is done they plan on investigating.


They are not there consistently. They are there in the evening of the day at “prime time” using fair as a example the que has been starting around 1000 so far from 6 hours around 3 pm pdt and goes away around 11pm. While it only hits 6 hours around 6 pm and quickly shortens from there to around 2-3 hours avg. Even today around noon on fair I was able to login with only a 1 hour que during labor day weekend. Furthermore poping in to look as we speak the que is only 30 min.

You invalidate your case when you spread incorrect info.

The ques are in fact lesser than the constant ques illidan had for the entirely of mop that was always no matter the time of the day at least an hour to get in.

Ques are a result of being on a mega server and while we can wish they where not there they are ok and a result we have to accept as we knew there would be ques going into those servers. There has not been a large content patch to date on a large server that did not cause ques it not being launch means little its a large content patch.

There is in fact many services where ques longer than 6 hours is not only acceptable its norm. There are many activitys I have to book DAYS in advance to get into. Hell just recently I went rock climbing at a rather well known facility that I needed to book 2 weeks in advance as otherwise you got 0 chance of getting in. Thats WITH a membership to there club. Partly due to covid.

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Kick rocks it’s a 3 day weekend. enjoy the queue -blizz


lol what do you want them say? “sorry” ??

they gave you free transfers to lower pop realms. you got your answer lol


They already have a blue post on it:


Lol. 10:00am is now prime time. got it.

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What do you want their response to be?

“The game is very popular right now, so there’s a lot of people on the servers and they’re hitting capacity. Either take the free transfers to less populated servers or wait in the queue”


Show a screen of a 6 hour que at 10 am pdt you can’t as it don’t happen. Speaking as one on the meta realms the que durring the weekdays at 10 am was none and durring the weekend at noon was only a hour so at 10 am would of been less.

No durring the weekdays you did not see 6 hour ques at 10 am.

As my post specifically mentioned the 6 hour ques at prime time (even mentioned the exact time 6 pm pdt which is the exact def of prime time) and there not happening at 10 am obv it’s not calling 10 am prime time.

Do try again.

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If Blizzard fixed it, they would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Here is how it works. Massive queue issues on the mega server. They start free character transfers off the mega server. So you go to another server. Eventually the server you transferred to becomes a ghost town. You decide to transfer to where everyone is – which is the original server you transferred off of; the mega server. You pay for a server transfer. Blizzard makes money.

So if they fixed this, they would lose out on all that juicy transfer money later on down the line.


no no no they dont want a realistic answer.

they want blizzard to suddenly turn classic into retail real quick so they can play retail but call it classic


Did you really compare wow gaming queues to rock climbing booking?? Completely unrelatable and not even close to the same thing.

Also comparing servers now to servers that existed over a decade ago is kinda meh. Retail wow dealt with it by making dungeons/arenas/raids groupable cross server. They can’t really do that with classic without getting everyone upset over it.

It’s currently 1am for Benediction and there’s a 45 minute queue to get in, with 3k+ in queue. So it does not go away at 11pm at all, 11pm was still a 2 hourish queue.

Your response was valid, however if you have more than one account that you play on and one has a 4.9 hour queue time ( not to mention a position in queue that is higher than the total server pop ) and the other can log right in. I would say there is a problem they need to fix.

It is not 11 pm or 1 am as you claim, read my post it was specifically mentioned pdt. It’s 10 pm not 11 pm pdt right now. It was also mentioned as about not exactly that time. Try again. Esp as this is Labor Day weekend it is expected que to be longer today and that fact was mentioned in that post also as a note.

The poster I responded to mentioned a service that the que was acceptable in saying there are none. I did not compaire rockclimbing to wow ques I compaired services which both are exactly as he asked. Complaining about me doing so is exactly moving goal posts trying to say I need to compare online services I do not as that was not what the poster said. (which as a note there is examples for online services to eg I needed to que for over 30 hours for my vac card for Covid).

I did not compaire ques of now vs a decade ago I specifically compared ques existing every single large content patch to date. Nor did I compare servers of a decade ago illidan still exists to day and still sees long ques up to and includes as long as we are seeing on classic now for major patches. The 12 hour que I mentioned was as mentioned specifically the record.

Also they can make stuff cross realm in fact them not doing so is exactly one of the largest things players complain about lack of rdf. Raids /arena is the only thing they can’t make x realm. While raids yes it would help for arena is rather minor to make x realm or not.

It seams your issue here is lack of reading comprehension.

The man was clearly upset and talking out of frustration but we both know he meant digital services. Talking that at face value to compare it to rock climbing is just obnoxious.

I’m sorry I didn’t see your PDT randomly thrown in every now and then, but you can’t compare PDT times. Server times are where prime time happens for that region, My friend had a 3.5 hour queue at 10am PDT in bene today and I had a 5 hour queue at 12 am PDT. It is the long weekend so I can see it being worse than normal, but tons of my friends had family stuff to do and could not play until 10pm when they queued up at 4.

You mentioned illidan mop times 2x, which speaks of you wanting it to be noticeable. Which is actually crazy to me, because I would more point out WoD launch for being terrible for queues and servers being down. Either way, layering was added to wow classic servers to try and combat the fact that there was going to be a crazy amount of people on 1 server and to combat it. Atm it’s not working as intended or they didn’t anticipate this many people to be on 1 server, either way they could let people know if they’re trying to address it for the wotlk launch or if they’re going to keep it. If they do keep it then having a free transfer away from the mega server and a free xfer back if the server you go to ends up dead would go a long way in helping the community alleviate the stress on the server.