Can We Break Certain Automated PVP AddOns?

Blizzard broke auto-targetting years ago, and if someone is auto-interrupting, then they’re hacking. If someone got lucky, then they got lucky. If it’s consistent, then report them for suspicious activity.

If someone has a focus kick macro and you got kicked because they were paying attention, then there’s no issue there.


The OP disagrees.

Functions the same way as Rare-Scanner.

TUrns out the guy who doesn’t want addons in the game doesn’t want addons in PvP. Who could have saw that one coming.

I know of no PvP addon which forcefully targets something for you, and make you do an action to it. Gladius provides an information panel which people can target you with just like they would enemy arena frames, but that’s allowed in the AWC and seen as more than fair.

If I right click your portrait and focus you, and you go to cast something and I silence you because I responded, there is nothing foul in that interaction.

They just have to utilize some of the macros in there in the add-on like Rarescanner uses target for rares.

Hey, I’m was even willing to concede yesterday that not all add-ons were bad, but that Blizzard needs tighter control over them. But PvP content should normalized for everyone. Blizz already goes so far to not allow you to use many items and will remove conjured items from your bags. Why not block macros and add-ons too?

As a warrior, I do not have access to things like mage food or warlock healthstones. Players having those in their bags is an unfair advantage.

As a player, everyone has equal access to addons. There is no unfair advantage.


You can’t silence me from using a totem. You can have an addon, however, which auto-targets my totem and you just bap it.

You don’t even need an addon do to do this. Can literally do it with a macro.

Have you ever tried healing without, at the very least, mouse over macros? That’s why. No macros no healers.

Let me reiterate this. If a class’s main functions or utilizations can be auto-targeted by a macro or an addon PERIOD, the class has failed in the theory-stage.

The class can no longer function. Someone just casually baps their main mechanic with no effort.

Druids do not summon DoTs that can be shot down or summon stuns. Shamans do.

It’s not like they do it just to spite these classes. /target works for any targetable thing in the game. Explain to me how you would code it so it only works in some circumstances but not all?

Add in exceptions in the code. People do it all the time.

If X then Y.

Why are we thinking someone is using an addon when they’re just using a targeting macro. :skull:

Because both exist.

Silence prevents you from using totems, yes. Also, tabbing and targeting your totem and killing it is not overly difficult. Especially if it’s a big one like grounding, which Gladius notifies me that you dropped.

Totem stomping has been an aspect of countering shaman for as long as the game has been around. If you see cap / grounding, you tab and kill it. If you see skyfury, you tab and kill it. If you see link, you tab and kill it. Me seeing a totem that needs to be killed, and actually killing it, is not somehow unfair to you.

Look at that. AddOn help. /thread

Except you have no proof they were using an addon, you were just assuming.

Look right above. :laughing: