Can we all agree about spellbatching?

No internet speeds aren’t constantly fluctuating by huge swings and are fairly constant whether that’s a steady 25 MS or 100MS.

Whereas batching is completely random and has nothing to do with internet speed, it has to do with how the server is processing commands. So your command might randomly process as soon as it hits the server or 400 MS later. And because it’s batched whether your ability falls in the same batch with another spell can have a huge impact, for example two people using the same abilities at relatively the same timings can have dramatically different results purely based on how they get batched.

So no Batching creates a huge RNG element far beyond what minor fluctuations in latency would, and often leads to completely erratic spell behavior that latency also wouldn’t create.

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I’ve mained mage for the last 15yrs. Have never seen this happen except for the one time blizzard had glyphs and blink could go the direction you were moving.
It could hit a random rock, unpassable terrain, polygon, plank in a bridge, etc. And that would cause you to not move forward, and if you were running it would set you back a step, but you’d still be moving the same way.
This however, has been the case forever with blink.

Very informative post, thank you.

Blizzard is incept. Are you surprised they filled classic with terrible additions?

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From a Rogue perspective, although I’ve adapted to it; I don’t really like it. There are many situations where it feels bad, whilst other moments I feel like “how did that work?”.

Cheap shot feels very clunky. Although I’m not quite in range, it does land, but with a 200-300ms ping feel.

When I gouge someone for 5.5 seconds, I should drop combat in 5 seconds. There are times where I don’t drop combat at all, or when I do, usually I get hit the same batch I stealthed. But then again, sometimes I get it and somehow get the cheap shot off when it didn’t appear that I stealthed on screen. Weird.

Another annoyance although I’m not sure if it’s batching specifically is a hunter’s flare. I’d be running for 2-3 seconds after being in a flare and still have the debuff on me. I’ve made the mistake of overlooking my debuffs when I feel I’ve secured more than enough distance from the flare to vanish.

Stunlocking is weird too. Going from cheap shot to kidney shot has to be timed differently than what I was used to. If I don’t stun a little earlier than right on the mark, people will be able to hit me with something like a Paladin stun.

I can go on. I like to be very accurate on my times for CC. When I began PvP’ing a lot more, my muscle memory was thrown out the window as I had to accommodate for the difference with batching.

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Yeah, man. I spent a LOT of time pvp’ing on my old warlock getting the rank 13 grind and developed muscle memory for things as you say.

Classic has been very random with expected behavior vs reality and it’s gotten me killed or made things difficult a few times now.

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Spellbatching is one of the reasons why combat in classic feels like garbage.


Says the incompetent noob.