Can we all agree about spellbatching?

Spell batching doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Maybe it doesn’t bother me though because I’m able to adapt pretty easily to that kind of stuff.

I’m guessing you probably don’t PvP then? It is a huge problem when an attack that is interrupted remains in queue and goes off anyway because the queue basically creates an artificial latency between your interrupt and the attack.

This has a material and adverse effect on gameplay for many classes.

Naw I pvp. It’s actually pretty enjoyable to be able to hit people with fear even though I’m stunned.

enjoy getting counterspelled after you’re not casting then, I guess.

Hasn’t happened yet, but people have a tendency to take the wrong spellschool bait anyway so it’s not really a problem.

Maybe priests are not as affected as rogues, hunters and druids?

Beats me. Maybe you don’t notice it as much because you’re focusing on the negatives. Like when you get hit by spell batching, but missing out on when you get an advantage due to it. It goes both ways you know?

It’s AFTER you’re not casting. So say for example, I juke an interrupt. Then I run forward a few steps. I get CS’d then. Well after I’m done casting.

While the intent was with good purpose in mind.

There’s no way to travel back in time and use old equipment, which, if you’re a masochist you can.

It’s 2019, we have to accept we have nice computers and internet, now. Spell batching is doing more harm than good.

Not to my Vanilla experience it sure isn’t. I question your memory or your previous hardware/internet if you think it is.

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And I question yours.

Didn’t you get the memo? Spell batching is 100% skill and is vital o people who are bad at pvp.

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Well, when a core move is supposed to work and doesn’t at a critical time and, this happens repeatedly, it’s difficult not to “focus on the negatives.”

But that focus doesn’t make the problem worse. The lack of a competent fix, does.

It is possible spell batching is not affecting Fade, MF, PS or MC as it does FD, Vanish, kick and various other moves in other class kits.

I haven’t experienced as many problems on my priest as I have on my hunter and rogue. (My druid is too young to fight feral and bear form is benefiting from leeway.)

These problems are not imaginary as your post suggests, and cannot be banished or disposed of simply by “not focusing” on them.

I agree, I think adding in Spell Batching was a mistake that just makes the combat seems unresponsive by being artificially delayed to simulate what it’s like to have internet back in 2004. All it simulates is how this is even a worse idea then releasing WoD early or the entirety of BFA.

In before screaming #Nochanges at me til your blue in the face… well first, don’t, you’re going to need that oyxgen to scream whenever some jerkwad steals your mob. Second, i understand why they need to do this, to make it authentic just like Vanilla (and it was in Vanilla, but so is Wall jumping), the good and bad things. I can take the slow as molasses combat (Cause i’ve played BFA), i can take the slow overall pace of the game, i can take the extremely repetitious and shallow content that is on offer here, along the game is responsive to my inputs that i want to do. And that’s the rub right there.

You know that one WQ in BFA where your the crab killing turtles? And the moment you move left or right to dodge projectiles, you get a delay before you can move, making timing your actions difficult to impossible, cause the delay was an intentional feature? Imagine an entire game of that. :crazy_face:

I always hate artificial lags or delays they put in games, thinking that it’s challenging or what not. It’s just so Cheap. It’s like stepping on a trap that you can’t avoid. Yes, double polymorph is cute, but i rather sacrifice that if that means we get a more responsive game out of it.

Oh and being hit a mile away while running is just silly, but that’s another story.

It’s also fun when you hit blink on your mage and blink in the wrong direction even though you’re clearly moving forward. Spell batching! SO FUN!

You all are so negative

The only argument you can have is “I am superior player with fast twitch reflexes” and think that spell batching is screwing you over. Well just like you think you’re getting screwed over, so is the other player. It doesn’t give anyone any kind of advantage. It’s like playing Civ 5 and saying “wow why is this turn based I can’t use my Uber fast PvP reaction time this game is so busted”

The issue is that it adds a huge RNG element to how spells work and it’s usually in very stupid ways.

Well I’m gonna argue that it does the opposite

Your internet speed is random. One second your ping could be 25ms the next 100ms. That’s random

Spell batching would combine your internet speed and make it more uniform. Your random, fluctuating ping now gets grouped together and your actions and other players actions get more predictable

So, that’s less “RNG” isn’t it

How bad is your internet connection that your ping fluctuates that much? Mine doesn’t. Sounds like you’re making excuses.

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Normally I’m with the no changes crowd, but I think their attempt at spell batching with their newer system causes way more bugs and gameplay that wasn’t vanilla. It really should be disabled. That said, I’m having fun either way.