Can someone please remove the 30 instance-per-day limit?

Sure, some people who boost may complain - but I’ve seen far more complain for other reasons, like raw gold generation, MCP/BiS farm, and plenty of people upset they can’t actually help their friends as much anymore.

Fair. And all of those points are valid for varying reasons.

As far as I’m concerned, even the complaints of boosters are valid. I’m just unsympathetic towards boosters as it’s a play style that I personally dislike and, as a result, choose not to take part in. I’m not against boosting, just apathetic. If they can, great. If they can’t, whatever.

The OP of this thread specifically stated boosting as his point of contention and I, in response, expressed a lack of sympathy.

Not liking and not partaking in is one thing, but being apathetic to other people who do partake in it being hurt by Blizzard’s completely pointless change is something I don’t agree with.

And not only do I not agree with it, I care about your apathy.

Your statement that it is “completely pointless” is simply an opinion.

Why? Would you rather I campaign against boosting since I don’t like it? Instead I take the stance that if people want to do it, whatever. If Blizz wants to make changes that hinders those that do it, whatever.

I think it’s less destructive to remain neutral, to be perfectly honest. Kinda like flying in Retail; I don’t like it. I’m not, however, going to campaign for its removal and I’m also not going to have a problem if it is removed.

Hence I am apathetic towards the argument and take a neutral stance.

Blizzard is incredibly vague with why they did it. They just say, “exploitative” - which we have no idea what they’re referring to particularly - and automated, which we’ve already discussed how it’s not effective in stopping bots.

You don’t care about it enough to actively speak out against it. Given you don’t do that, I would hope that players in the community being hurt by this change with virtually no positives (that we can see yet) is enough for you to dislike a change.

It is for me.

It’s still an opinion. Unfortunately only Blizz has the ability to elaborate.

Instead of complaining about the change, perhaps people should be complaining about the lack of information provided regarding the reasoning for it (what exactly it’s meant to address) and/or request a timeline for, and access to, resultant information.

Change hasn’t been in place long enough to know if it has had any positive impacts. I’m not going to jump on the band-wagon and campaign to have the change reverted until I see facts showing whether it’s having an overall positive or negative result instead of the typical knee-jerk reaction to changes.

“We don’t know if it’s had any positive effects yet so let’s change it back.”

That statement makes no sense.

This is probably the first honest argument against the cap. I applaud your honesty.

Hey hey, ho ho. This limits got to go!

The limits are just like Rhyth! Completely stupid!

My hope is that when tbc comes out that type of mentality moves out of vanilla classic. Vanilla content can be cleared quite well in a relaxed atmosphere without that hyper bleeding edge parse damage meter mentality.

I empathize with your lack of emotional response to the OP.

Your casual scientific observer gimmick is getting old.

I don’t think the mindset will go away exactly, but the play styles will almost be forced out with how the systems work.

Things like world buffs and such are obviously going to be gone so this is something people won’t freak out about, the numbers of consumables cuts down to basically one plus food buff. The farming for gold in tbc is vastly different where people aren’t solo farming these end level instances and also going after these .05% drop chance items everyday.

The only thing to really min/max like crazy is raid setup. And even though the fights will be a lot easier they aren’t as ‘cheesy’ as vanilla ones, unless there’s some major flaw we overlooked that I don’t know about.

The min/maxing will for sure die down. Not because people aren’t going to want to stop min/maxing but because there isn’t as much to min/max

Pay for boosts on retail.

Seriously, if the only way you enjoy playing the game is by leeching, you should find something else to do.

I think you misunderstood me? What I am saying is that I hope the current metas and the players that practice them, move on to TBC, allowing vanilla classic to revert to a more sane, non hyper playstyle.

Ah gotcha. Ehh possibly? I mean it just depends on what the only vanilla fans decide how the game should be run. If I’m being honest, I don’t really think vanilla classic will have enough people for it to really matter. At the very least until tbc content has a dry spell. I would guess for the first 3 months (assuming vanilla and tbc have stand alone servers) vanilla classic will be completely dead.

By chance, how long does it usually take to level from 0 to 60 using only paid boosts? It’s still take a while, right?

Also, on average how much gold does that cost? It’s gotta be thousands of gold, right?

I think ima finally ignore misadventure. I rarely like doing this, because then you sort of get left out of the loop and wonder who tf people are talking to, but in regards to the forums, I think it would be a great benefit to not see his comments. Edit: ah there we go, set it for 6 months, the max setting apparently.

Care to expand on your hate?

My 5 groups give me 150 resets a day.