Can someone please remove the 30 instance-per-day limit?

Asking for clarity? Certainly. I tent towards discovery, and data.

Really? As I’ve seen you generally tend towards sarcastically calling people out for things such as posting that they don’t care about certain things.

You post to infer that you, and others as a result, don’t care about something. I’m curious to know how that differs?

I’d be curious as to some example citations that would suggest “sarcasm,” though I certainly question claims. I personally think that’s a very good thing to do.

This doesn’t make sense, but I’d like to understand what you mean. Perhaps use different words.

I was unable to decipher the previous statement, but I’d be happy to answer this question once it’s clear what it’s asking.

I thought his point was quite simple. People upset about the instance cap don’t care about the negative impacts that spamming dungeons has.

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Unless I misinterpreted the underlying meaning behind this question, it comes across as a sarcastic way of implying my post is lacking a point when the point was nothing more than I am unsympathetic.

“You are here just to let us know that…”

Is easily interpreted as “nobody cares”.

That’s a surprising interpretation for me.

I don’t see how that is easily interpreted as my claiming that nobody cares. Nor do I see how it appears to be sarcasm.

In any case, we seem to have different opinions and viewpoints. That’s OK.

Which is what?

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Then clearly I misunderstood and assumed there was more meaning to your post than simply the words as written.


That I am unsympathetic towards a booster whose ability to boost has been limited by the change…?

Is “I am unsympathetic” really so hard to understand? I am confused.

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Ah, I read the question:

To be, something like, “Which negative impacts are caused by dungeon spamming, and also resolved by the 30 instance in 24 hour period lockout?”

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Ah, that would make more sense. I’m going to blame lack of context.

I thought Esimpure was reffering to “his point” not the “negative impacts of dungeon spamming”. Whoops.

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And the answer is, nothing really other than annoying actual players. Bots log onto their other account after hitting lockout, one of their 50-100 other accounts that is. Most serious boosters run duel account anyway, all this does is hurt people who do instance farming during their two days off each week because the lockout carries onto the next day. And it does not help that there’s more players off due to covid, so they implemented a 30 reset lockout during a pandemic lockdown where many people have more WoW time than usual.

And then some people say ‘‘well you should find other ways to make gold out in the actual game world’’. Ok, so you want everyone to pick up herbalism and go hunt already botted/camped node spawns? When layers were also removed for many servers? Oh I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Fair. I think (and I could be wrong), that the biggest point of contention against the 30 instance/24 rule is that it isn’t apparent what positive effects it brings.

It is apparent what some of the negatives are, e.g. MCP, SGC/HoJ farming.

Boosters are maybe an even smaller minority who have leveled mages, and spent the time to learn the strats such that they are able to offer them, but even among the people who have done that, running for more than 6 hours/day isn’t common enough that there has been any significant change to the cost in gold, nor the advertisement in LFG for boost runs.

I didn’t ask you about it. You’re completely fine to not care, but I personally don’t like it when other people are harmed by a pointless change - even if it doesn’t affect me.

Often I find that the more players care about other players, the better the community tends to be.

If you see an unfair change imposed that doesn’t affect you, but does affect others in your community, and you happen to be ruled by the same authority, there’s a fairly obvious reason to stand in solidarity with those who are affected.

This is absolutely my point. It’s only a game, but the apathy is something you can see in many ways - which is represented in the real world far more than I’d like to admit.

well to be fair we will still skip the entire game on out alts :stuck_out_tongue:

It looked like you were asking what my point was. Frosto corrected me.

That’s completely fair and the reason why I tend towards neutrality. My Classic main is a druid and, as a result, the change does affect my ability to farm MCP but, since I generally only run 10 or so times a day for it, it doesn’t affect me in the same way as others.

I’m just unsympathetic towards boosting, that’s all. I don’t like it but as far as my levels of giving a **** are concerned I simply don’t take part. Whether others can or cannot do it is outside of my ****s to give, lol.

Boosting is unaffected, aside from stocks runs being less ran because they are short. Since the change, real boosters are simply switching up their pulls in mara and ZG to include more mobs. Like in Mara they are now doing 300 mob pulls instead of 150, this takes longer but they can sell each run for more gold and it helps spread out their runs over time better. In SM they are doing Cath plus armory +library now instead of just cath resets. The income coming from the boosts has went up by doing all of this.

Botting is unaffected largely because most major botters have a ton of accounts, so a 30 reset limit can be avoided by having more accounts to cycle.

This limit simply hurts real players.

If boosting is unaffected why are there so many people QQing about their ability to boost being hindered? That comment is in direct contradiction to the current forum trend.

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Probably because they are just casual boosters in green gear who do quick cheap 3g stockades runs/SFK runs. The actual geared boosters that have been doing it for a while do the larger higher level mara runs and charge 9-15g a person. I say 15g because thats the new price with the longer larger pulls they are doing now, they were 9 or ten gold per 150 mob pull before. Plus it takes a while to learn those pulls, like up to a week or two of dying a whole lot. Stockades and SFK boosts anyone can one-two pull and rarely die in green gear, hell you can do it on a warrior.