Can someone explain this like I'm 5?

Except they’ll probably just use prepaid cards or cards purchased with cash (assuming those count). If they don’t count, there’s probably going to be a lot more upset people.

Remember, with bot detection, a false positive is much worse than a false negative.

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its actually cheaper and better for your time to do a wotlk gdkp get a 30k gold cut then have a 5 month sub from buying tokens with gold.

Except tokens are more expensive than just credit card subs so that only stinks of irrational hatred against a company you’re actively supporting…

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Maybe! My only problem with all this is that everything you just wrote is a guess. They’re randomly charging us $15, giving us nothing for it-- my game time was covered already, thanks-- and can’t even be bothered to say why.

you get 30 days game time

That is a great take if you write news articles for “I’m three years old tribune”

You do realize it costs a person $20 to buy a token and a sub is $15/ month
So person 1 pays their $15 sub for the month then buys a token for $20 puts it on the ah and player 2 buys the token and uses it for their month .

Player 1 has paid for both theirs and player 2’s subs for the month plus have given Blizz an additional $5 . Their reward extra in game currency to spend.

THey would still count as a cash purchase

Yea, then it’s kinda like… what’s the point? There’d be no billing address and whatnot to tie it to. You know they’re just gonna do stuff like this to get around it.

I’'ve been using them since I’ve been playing (Wrath prepatch : original not classic) and Blizz has my address.
You still have to register your address even if you don’t lik a credit/debit card to the account

I’ve only had the one account .

I’m just giving people an option if they don’t want to tie one of their bank cards just so they can meet with Blizz’s changes for tokens.

Can I use my Blizz balance? Do you only have to use CC? Is the 60 day gametime in the store included? can someone explain?

I have an image for that!


It means what it says. Have an account and haven’t paid for a month’s sub in cash since 2017, need to pay for a month’s sub before you can pay for another month with gold.

I’m a lowly gnome but I sorta get that.

Yes, but as long as it isn’t me paying the $20 to buy the token I don’t care. If I can pay for it it with pixel currency and use that to let me keep playing the game, I’m there for it.

Pure cash grab by greedy micro$uck that should have had the transaction blocked for consolidating the gaming industry. This will do next to nothing to stop bots like some defenders are saying. When you make the bank they are dropping $15 is nothing to their monthly grind. It is mostly a slap in the face from blizzard to loyal account holders that provide the service that blizzard has so eagerly benefitted from in the past. And to make this decision so quickly and without consulting their community first is exactly the type of poor PR blizzard has been conveying for the last several years.

I havent personally had to pay for wow since wod from working the various ways to make easy money on characters and honestly most of their instability in token prices generally adhere to 2 very specific types of events. 1 a new product that can be bought with tokens (value goes up) or a new content patch where large guilds like to dump in cash for good drop it back down. Pretty cyclic so any claim this is anything other than a money grab seems like a pretty weak argument to me at least.

A lot of people saying it’s about botting as though an army of bots have escaped all ban waves since 2017 and for some reason these bots are using bnet balance rather than making real money selling via third party sites?

Gift card also count?

I can explain to you like you’re five.

See, there are these nasty things called Bots. They usually have stolen accounts and would use the constant gold farming to keep playing WoW and farming for basically free.

By doing what they’re doing with the tokens, they will be able to trace any bitter who buys them so they then could most likely be able to recover accounts

Can i use a 60 day pre-paid card thos u can buy from amazon?

Does anyone know if this applies to individual accounts, or will it cover multiple under a single bnet account?

It reads to me like you have to purchase some actual game time once in order to keep buying wow tokens off the AH.

I assume this is to shake off the bots who’ve been riding the wow token train since WoD.

Sucks for people who live in countries where a month of game time is about as much as a month of groceries.

Blizzard have said you only need to do it once per bnet account.

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