Can someone explain this like I'm 5?

So does this mean that if I’ve never purchased a token from the online shop that I can’t purchase a token from the AH?

That’s sort of counter productive, right? Can’t reply to the original post, thus why I’m asking.

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sounds like a legal requirement…

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It means you can’t get Gold out of it if you have not bought it from the ingame store.

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It just means you have to be subscribed for at least 30 days to buy a token.


It means you need to have purchased at least one month of game time with real money at some point since 2017.


Ah okay, that makes sense then. I was reading it completely different.

Kind of silly of Blizzard to do that tbh, but this thread is good enough so here we are.

No what it’s saying is you have to buy game time with real money at least once since 2017.

For most people it won’t affect them, but who knows who it will affect, it probably will be a few people who will be caught quite by surprise by it …

You have to have at least purchased game time with real money since 2017 once to continue buying gold tokens in the shop or auction house.

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Yeah it means you need to have paid cash for your sub at least once.

Which is an odd flex, I can see that they might not want absolute freeloading in the game but they get more money from the token seller so wouldn’t they benefit if every single player paid for their sub with gold, because that’s 20 bucks instead of 15?


Seems to be to curb bot accounts who have an infinite amount of stockpiled gold to buy ingame time?


How does it preserve the integrity of the game and provide a better token market for me to have purchased one month of game time with real currency? And why 2017?

This seems like it would be for confirmation of a real person (using a credit card), but can’t you either just get a preloaded card or a Battle.Net card to do the same?


An attack on me, specifically.


so do we need to purchase at least one month a game time each year to keep buying tokens or like once every 5 years, I live on a fixed income and $17 ( rounded up) is quite a bit of money for me. I gold farm/sell transmogs to buy tokens to keep my sub active and to buy expacs. Can we get some clarification @Kaivax


Probably an anti-bot/goldfarm company measure.

They didn’t say anything like that. Only that you need to have paid for your account with cash at least once since 2017.

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no, just one cash purchase since 2017.

it sounds like a legal technicality, nothing else…

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This seems aimed at me very specifically. I haven’t spent real money on WoW since Warlords of Draenor released.

Sorry guys! I didn’t mean to make uncle blizzard mad.


It’s anti booster/botter safeguard.

I have 16 mil gold, I buy Blizzard Balance, “gift” World of Warcraft to a new account, along with 30 days play time, then either exploit or sell that World of Warcraft account.

This ensures there some sort of money trail attached to Blizzard Accounts.


They’ll do anything but hire more people to handle the massive bot issue that even existed before the token, lol.


This is money grubbing horsecrap. If I play the game enough to mitigate the cost of it by using in game currency, a system that Blizzard established, how is that against the integrity of the game? New business daddy just wants a payday.

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They should give people that haven’t paid a dime to keep playing since 2017 the title “Epic Tax Evader” and a duck on a carrot stick mount.