Can someone explain this like I'm 5?

Hire this man, hes got ideas.

Ok, that does make some bit of sense – and it is only 30 days in the past 6 years. I still don’t think it will be as helpful for what they’re really after, when there are ways around being tracked, e.g. using Battle.Net or prepaid Visa/MC.

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I think it means if you’ve paid for game time with only tokens you’ll need to spend actual money at least once after the 31st to buy tokens, but I could be wrong.

What about buying a deluxe pack that has game time included? Guessing that doesn’t count.

Yeah, I don’t really see much point in this. But I guess they’d know how the bots go or something.

If you haven’t paid blizzard $15.00 for a subscription, you can’t buy a token is the way I read it.

I tied 15 bucks to a stone and threw it at Blizz HQ. That better count.

The stone was named “Tiffin Slayer”


it would only stop them from buying tokens with exploited/botted gold though. They could still exploit/farm/etc and give the gold to another account to buy tokens with

No, what it’s saying is that, if you have not paid for at least one (1) month of WoW subscription using real money in the past 6 years, you will no longer be eligible to “pay” for game time with WoW tokens until you purchase that one (1) month with real money.

This is clearly being done to combat bots, and all bot accounts will now be traceable back to a real world credit card number, or become inactive.


I think what it means is that if you haven’t bought and used 30 days of game time (subscription) with real money, they’re forcing you to buy a sub with real money.

If you’ve only used in game gold and tokens to pay for your sub in the last 6 years, they’re restricting you from buying tokens until you pay for a sub with real money.

That’s the thing, though – I don’t think you need to pay with a credit card (I could be wrong though). Or maybe you do have to pay with a credit card and they just didn’t say that?

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No one is explaining like OP is 5, btw.


How irritating. In the absence of any context or further information, “In order to preserve the integrity of the game and provide a better token market to players” might as well read “in order to spread mustard on a duck.” I take locking the thread to mean “I can’t explain it so don’t ask.”

How often am I going to have to do this? Is this really the only way you can think of to tell if I’m a bot? Would a bot complain as much as I do? I want a feat of strength for this, at the very least.

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and how will I know if I fall into that category, I bought wow and a month of gameplay in the last bfa patch.

it means if you haven’t purchased game time from the shop, not a token.

was the last bfa patch after 2017? if yes then you fall into that category.

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Who let you on the internet by yourself?!


This could either be described as 30day game time as in a subscription or a WoW token off the store. But from what I am reading it looks like its 30 days of game time via a Sub. Then you are eligible to buy a Auction House or Store WoW token.

And this is to counter mainly bot accounts. So there is no anominity for bot accounts going forward. When there current or prior accounts were banned a lot of botters would already have had enough gold farmed and extra accounts pre made ready to go and any gold the bot accounts they had made was funneled to a intermeadary account which then got given to the new ones somehow. I don’t know if you could even or still even gift a wow token to someone if so they might have done it that way if it were possible. All I know is the people who were and still are prolific bot users will eventually find ways around this it is just a matter of when.

But for average players I don’t think you need to worry if it is indeed just having to pay for a 30d subscription most of us are elegible to buy the store and AH tokens with no problems.

That gold is going to be used to buy tokens, which Blizzard is getting $20 for from other players. So I don’t see the point of this really.

Just ban the bots lol.


I’m also not sure why 2017 was chosen, if I’m not mistaken the tokens came out in 2015.

Another good point. Bots are likely part of a gold sale pipeline. I mean people don’t usually set up bots just to have lots of gold in a video game, they set them up to sell gold and make IRL money. Maybe they’re trying to link accounts in a map by cards as part of a more effective bot banwave?

Blizzard should just hire those YouTubers who go after the call scammers! Those guys trace the scammers back to their buildings across the globe. Maybe they can get a live feed of the botters place.


(Idk if those YouTube channels are real or not, I’m very gullible!)