Can everyone finally admit that 1.12 is nerfed Vanilla?

Or do you think the only nerfs blizzard ever did to content from 1.5 to 1.12 was in Alterac Valley?


shoulda known it was nerfed vanilla when rag was destroyed by a group of fresh 60s and leveling 50s?


No, everyone said people playing vanilla didn’t know how to play and were all keyboard turners who clicked their spells.


Which is true for the majority, even some of the top raiding guilds from back then did.


lol this again. speak for yourself.

Av was nerfed before bc then buffed the 1st or 2nd patch of bc because it was like this version.

It’s sad because I’m sure just adding the landmines would make a world of difference.

Also, not sure why elites die so quickly. If the mobs are getting melted this fast in t1 and dungeon blues, just imagine what it will be like by the time we reach AQ patch.

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The new team in charge of WoW Classic doesn’t understand how old game worked or how the original designers vision. These retails designers failed to see the impact of 1.12 patch. 1.12 patch is really for Naxx and it invalidates pretty much everything else.

1.12 Patch made
pre raid prep useless
MC/Onyx is a joke
epic AV is gone.

Is WoW classic authentic is a academic discussion and without merit.
What is universal is people wanted the Vanilla “feel” which is lost in the classic reincarnation. It has nothing to do with a game that is 15 year old or prior knowledge.


Everyone knew it was going to be 1.12 and everyone knew what comes with that. They could have retuned the raids and dungeons and made the game better, instead its easier than retail.

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Keep deluding yourself. The only nerfs are that you’re not playing the game as a 10 year old, and every raider now runs addons to prevent failing mechanics. It was never a hard game. We just got better.

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Problem is, don’t think people knew what they were getting with 1.12. Some people told them, but they didn’t believe it.

Meaning, your generation finally got with the times - that was 15 years ago.

eVRYone 1s waY smArTR

? When did people not think it was nerf’d Vanilla?

Now. They want to feel like they “beat” a game they were terrible at 15 years ago.

Those people still exist. I see them in AV!

After reading a fair amount of posts and watching a few youtube streamer videos, it’s very clear that most people who act as a Vanilla WoW authority are private server people who think that the game they played there is the original game.


Sorry, but who DIDN’T think that 1.12 was a nerfed version of Vanilla?

Blizzard said as much in the patch notes, etc.

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But blIZzArD SaID CLasSIc Is a museuM piEce

A dude by the name of Velquez posted about this a while ago. It fired him up so much that he complied all of the changes from 1.1 to 1.12. Read it here: