Can everyone finally admit that 1.12 is nerfed Vanilla?

List didn’t take into account talent changes either.

Everyone will ignore it. I dont even think this mentions the stats that were buffed/added on dungeon items and the 1.12 talents.

A great example is mage armor. Added in 1.13, allows 30% of mana regen to continue while casting. That alone makes MC disgustingly trivial, and that is only 1 ability

edit - im wrong 1.13 isnt even a patch, but the spell was still introduced way after mc was current content so the argument still stands

How much mana does that regen over the course of a 3-5min fight, because bosses in mc die so fast.

I would be more interested to know who actually went into Classic needing to be convinced of this.

95% of the people playing

“1.13” is classic. All wowhead means by that is it was available from the beginning of Classic.

It was not added with the vanilla mage refit in 1.11 and I see comments on it going back to 1.4 so no, it’s not new.

The nerfs listed by Velquez are mostly trivial and do not come close to accounting for the difference. Buffs to players are a bigger factor.

We also know there were undocumented changes. The most famous nerf (“bug fix”, if you prefer) to unkillable C’Thun, is not documented anywhere in any patch notes.

I’m fairly sure Mage Armor didn’t exist at launch.

I don’t remember exactly when it was added, but I remember it being added post-launch.

Why does any of this matter? If you don’t like it, don’t play it.

I see it in the patch notes for version 1.3, 5 months into vanilla.

  • New Spell: Mage Armor (Available at level 34) - Allows for 30% of mana regeneration to function while casting and increases resistance to all magic schools. Does not stack with Frost/Ice Armor.
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I thought we’ve been complaining about this since launch

They didn’t always.

1.12 is nerfed everything until Naxx

so 1.5 years of content will be laughable

errmm your right but look at the actual release date of the spell, it wasn’t in the game when MC was current content. This still also applies to all itemization and plenty of other abilities or talents


Sure, but nerfed Vanilla is best Vanilla.

So, it’s fine.

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it was added in 1.3, march 7 2005. so like 4 months after wow came out

15 years later, I’m still this way :cocktail:

Patch 1.4
Blood Fury - Now increases base melee attack power by 25% for 15 seconds. When it fades base melee attack power is reduced by 25% for 45 seconds.
Berserking - Is now usable after being the target of a critical hit. Increases melee, ranged and spell casting speed by 25% but increases all damage taken by 10% for the duration.
Imagine if those were the racials we had now

Except is was a bug fix. Cthun was unkillable because eye stalks we’re targeting and killing players in the stomach preventing you from entering the weakened phase. The worlds top raiders were literally BEGGING Blizzard not to nerf it, but simply to fix the bugs. Cthun in it’s pre-fix state wasn’t just super-duper hard, it was impossible because bugs prevented you from actually doing the mechanics. If they released it in that state now it would still be unkillable regardless of how many nerfs to the game/buffs to the classes there are.


Except it’s not?

Agreed but they went beyond fixing those bugs and also nerfed his tuning at least according to
https:// www.pcgamer. com/the-story-of-cthun-how-a-wow-boss-drove-raiders-to-madness/