Calling server boomers

(the real ancient boomers from bc / vanilla / wotlk tho)
so Penumbrae / Synyly / Calali and Malagul / Grolo set up this guild on Classic Grobbulus (RPPVP) Hordeside that some other ex-EDers have also joined and there’s a nice NMM / AotP / ex-ED Alliance presence as well on the server

its real nice to be part of a tight server community once more and that makes the game really interesting. Horde RP is more in-guild than walk-up and the PVP is always spicy. Great to have no flying mounts and lots of server rivalries.

The STV fishing tourney is opening up, as are the green dragons and ZG and we’d love to have other chill folks joining us - doesn’t matter if you’re new to ED or Alliance or both.

guild’s called unhinged and fwiw we’re 8/8 BWL (lol). Message me on Bhootam#6294 - I haven’t had this much fun in videogames in a long long time.


classic’s that popular, huh?


Org a couple days ago

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Retail looks like that too, it’s called quarantine :upside_down_face:

If you’re happy with retail that’s great and I’m glad you’re having a great time :+1:t4: :+1:t4: - just posting here to catch the eye of any old friends / server vets that might be considering joining a really bustling community with faction rivalries, PVP flagging in contested zones and no flying mounts.

Not to mention Grobb is slightly Alliance heavy so Horde that want to find a target-rich environment could consider rolling an alt and making it to hillsbrad or STV and checking it out.

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Grobb forums are that way ->
Go post on Deviate Delight forums if you want to poach players, nobody here cares.


Sure sounds like a bustling community!

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Really had to call us “Boomers” huh?

OOC: Hi Bhootam! Who else from the Wrath days are playing on Grob? It’s kinda weirding hearing about NMM, is Sinbad playing again?


Dude. Jaxel is back :slight_smile: Knivz as well. Dilliam has restarted good old Ashes of the Phoenix (again!)

And Oakshric and some friends has joined

there’s dozens of us here :slight_smile: dozens!

calling deeznutz

Sounds like all these new aged ED players r mad. ED is dead. Once great server left to rot

Warzen, Asarelah and I spotted a wild Mechiah

Sounds like all the “old ED players” are so bored playing the same tired old content in classic trying to relive days gone by, that they have nothing better to do than come here and try to convince the people having fun creating new content and stories that the server is “dead” because they left. Nobody misses you.


OP wasnt hostile at all… You’re just mad a server for a 15 year old game is more lively than your dead server.

Also, everybody misses me. Thanks.

“Also, everybody misses me. Thanks.”

… And who are you again?


Hmmmm. I remember you helping me with my guild Bhootham and so many other events! It’s good to see you alive and kicking!

I might answer the call.

@Senneca and others :pray:t5: the objective isn’t to poach active players from ED - its just that like me, a lot of old (sometimes really old) veterans keep and eye on the ED forums - I’d just like to reconnect with old friends who are finding that the game is enjoyable for their boomer asses.

@ravenhul we’ve also unearthed a Mechiah and a Hectic, I hear there’s a Zenal

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I miss trivia night at breweries, not you, boomer. Nobody even remembers you.

this is the way of all things :slight_smile: