Calling all Vanilla Malygos Players

Hello All,

I played on Maylgos back in the day and am looking to reconnect with some old friends / acquaintances when Classic WoW is released. I mained a Holy Paladin named Aeroless, that mainly raided with the following guilds:

  • Alliance Champions
  • Tranquility
  • Forlorn (towards the end of vanilla)

Thought I would take a shot in the dark and see if we could have a Malygos 2.0 for classic.

Even if you don’t know or remember me, I encourage everyone to reply with their old mains name and guilds they rolled with back in Vanilla.



Roody-night elf rogue in the guild Ice Fury
Gremell- gnome mage
Pessterr- Dwarf Warrior (my brothers toon)
All were 60

Hey there Ellyger here!! Was on vanilla towards the end. Mainly looking for some of the old BC guild folks that were in Furore!! Reach out!

Would love to get some good folks together for classic and have some fun!

Ellyger - gnome mage

Wasn’t in a raiding guild…just another player on Malygos since Day 2 (do we count Day 1 with all the crashes and rollbacks ?)

The guild I’m in goes back to 2005…one of the vanilla guilds still alive and kicking.

Anywho…here’s for all you alliance …PERBER. Remember him ?

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I was in a couple vanilla raiding guilds. My main at the time was Busybee, gnome mage. I’ve been Lothlorien since BC.

I certainly do remember Perber! The absolute rage in trade chat over his AH prices were hilarious.

I was a Human Paladin Eneth that raided with Eminence Alliance side. Just came back in March after taking a break since Lich King, so what over 10years? It’s completely different now if you haven’t played in a few expansions, will have to relearn the game pretty much. Also PvP’ed a lot on my Human Mage ThePatriot back in the day with Eminence as well.

And who wouldn’t be able to remember Perber? Lol.

If you know any Horde players back in vanilla, i was a HWL who was in Sadface. Ran across quite a bit of ally people in PVP not sure which of them are still around. I havent played much of this xpac but definitely awaiting for classic to come out.

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I hated running across Sadface in PvP, I helped heal a few of the Alliance Grand Marshalls on their grind to their titles and that was one of the guilds that made it harder.

I was on Malygos back then. Masters of Azeroth, Coven and Muscle Alley mostly.

Day 1 malygos druid reporting in =)

Just came back after 11 years, quit during wrath. So far i haven’t been able to track down any old friends…

If anyone here is planning on playing wow classic, we should coordinate a server for old malygos peeps.

And i definitely remember perber, that damn gnome and his ah shenanigans.

Unfortunately my memory isn’t what it once was, and i have a hard time recalling player and guild names. I do remember eminence, and a certain horde druid named hidalgo that i had a healthy rivalry with.

Hey all! I played a Hunter on Malygos for most of vanella TBC and Wrath.

Wrathbain, I was in TopTen, Dissidence, Apathy Hit me up some time.


at your service lads

Abdour. The name is never forgotten. 16 hours a day in Warsong Gulch made sure of that.

Cheers from Balkoth

I am currently playing a horde warrior in heartseeker (Classic). Shadowmuffin is playing a shammy. If anyone of our old PvP group reads this… come join us. The Horde needs you.

I was part of Sanctum, Dissidence and Fortis.

Man I cant believe I didnt see this. I wish I had because seeing alot of you from way back in the day would have been awesome. Im on the Mankrik server if yall are still looking for a home.

Late replying abdour… but I was in same guild as you, Buckminster mage.I did quite a few warsong gulches w/ you.

I was a warlock, Nabijlufe. First in Quo Vadis guild, raided alongside with Coven. Happy times . Later it dismantled into smaller guilds , after the BC of course. I remember Busybee - that rings a bell. It was fun times. Greetings to all happy souls reading this.
Oh, I remember once I had a glitch in MC , it was later as we had mastered MC and had gear to do it . So , I’m seeing every toon withoug gear, naked. I thought we are doing it this way. I was late so I though I missed something. At ragnaros some one asked me why I took my gear off- I was like " aren’t we doing a naked MC run ?" - NO !!!. It was hilarious.

Brings back a lot of memories reading this thread:) Hard to believe it’s been so long>< I played a rogue named Moon back in classic, and a priest named Imperium pretty much from then on. Now im on my druid, but just play pretty casually now.
Sword of Fate, Fortis, Redemption and a couple others I’m sure; it’s been awhile.

I remember you, bad rogue that would always attack crossroads

Hey I played a mage named Barreneyne and a warrior named bigbolou, me and zeppelin still keep in touch. He had cancer but won the fight.