Calling all Vanilla Malygos Players

Man I hope to be good enough to join Sword of Fate some day!

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I was Tereval the DK tank for Furore back in TBC through most of Wrath.
Raiding offtank for Decorum back in Vanilla

Oops had wrong toon up, this is Tereval

Hey anyone have a link to Zepelin pvp montage? If I recall correctly

Hey, I was the Paladin Leader of Forlorn. It was a great adventure with Pinkerton at the helm!

I recognize a few folks here. Day 1 Malygos as well, though it took me a bit to settle on a character.

Aerdrie - nelf druid, ran around with Batou while leveling and then joined up with Eminence through MC, BWL, and AQ. Started tanking in 1.8 when Luriend and I both went bear. Fond memories of tanking with Rockbite and Raktor.
Eilistraee - nelf hunter at the time, was also max level and geared up on Preminence alt runs. Current main and a velf now.
Kriss - human lock, geared through Preminence alt runs. She’s not played much anymore.

I took off through the end of WoD to the middle of BFA when I went back to school for my BSc in Biology. Not anymore, but spending a lot of time working on my Steamwheedle rep. Getting the Bloodsail hat in BB back in Classic with a couple of hordies was fun, but it made raiding AQ difficult landing in Tenaris!

Abdour good to see you my friend. ah the good old days of raiding after the HWL grind. I miss my rogue…still keep in touch with Depthcore another Malygos HWL shadow priest. Hope everyone is doing good!

P.s. late post but just got back into wow after a break since wotlk

Lmao, i wasnt bad for a 9 year old :joy:

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If this is borrus…i member you so much world pvping alone attacking various places…LEGEND.

haha just busting your chops for old times sake :stuck_out_tongue: good to see you man!

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Haha I was in Sword of Fate, after Coven

Such good memories.

This is Phayl CEO of Place Your Ad Here. We were a small close-knit guild back in WotLK days. I just bought some play time because some new friends just started playing.
It’s been nice to be back. Don’t really know if any old friends would remember or even come across this post, but thought I’d leave a message.

Yo Conundrumm, what up!

Oh yeah, sword of fate… Fortis was built off a Sword of Fate mutiny

Barren !! This is demndred, how ya been ?! Still playing anything ?

Larimus! There’s a name that takes me back.

Completely missed that Zepp fought cancer and won, but not surprised given the kind of will it took to grind out GM. Never waking up from someone shouting “Queue popped!” on vent again.

It’s been 17 years since Eminence was founded. Still very fond of and grateful to the 60 some weirdos who got us to almost every server first in Vanilla and dominated the PvP scene.

I hope Aeria is still out there with the black scarab mount after all the forum whining over it when we crashed the server. Maybe Shelendil’s +30 Int Thunderfury got more attention, though.

I was vanilla Malygos on this gnome warrior - Edwardlabbit. I can’t remember basically any of my old guild names or any friends, but if anyone remembers me, I’m still out here - getting away with it.