Calling all Terokkar Veterans

Kub!!! Sorry, just seeing this. I’m at work right now but I’ll get you added.

I’m Muahahaha#1950. I’ll have to make a character on Fairbanks. Between work, school, and family, I don’t have much time to play but I get on when I can.

Hope you’re doing well!

Bladez here. Moved over to Darkspear in pandaria then to MoonGuard in Draenor. God I miss Darthjason and my old Torchwood days.

Miss you too, Fal!!


Used to play back in BC with the Ally guild Decadence under the name Hotsune (NE Rogue). Last time I played was around when Wrath came out, but decided to come back a few months ago to classic. Finally logged into my character on Terokkar today and have no clue where to start. lol




Hi all,

Used to play back in TBC and at the beginning of WotLK. I remember being a part of Tindi Losi and another guild that started with “C”. Definitely interested in playing again if Blizzard does a “TBC Classic” and might play a little of Classic in the meantime. I hope everyone is doing well!


Seems so long ago…

Started playing WoW the first day BC came out. I kinda lost interest when MOP came out. I believe a lot of people did. Changed the WHOLE game. I played here and there. WOD was ok. BOA brought my love of the game back. Shadowlands looks damn good.

I also lost interest when MoP came out. I came back for brief periods a few times in the following expansions but found them to not be very enjoyable. It wasn’t until Legion that I started enjoying WoW content again. BFA I’ve enjoyed very much and it really got me back into the game… however I personally feel like the addition of the corruption system has made the game significantly less enjoyable.

Prior to corruption the community complained about titanforging being too dependent on RNG. It confuses me why Blizzard went down the path of making the game even more dependent on RNG by adding corruption effects in lieu of titanforging, and then on top of that adding obnoxious effects to it. If Blizzard were to decide to carry the corruption system into the next xpac I would most certainly lose interest in the game as I did in MoP.

I have high hopes for Shadowlands though and from what it sounds like corruption will not be a thing going forward.