Calling all Terokkar Veterans

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05/08/2018 06:05 PMPosted by Augstus
Oh, the old days...rolled this guy back in BC and left right at Cata, now I'm over on Moon Guard. The days of Poets and Pirates, Imperium, Novus....memories.


holler Imperium, Outbreak, Faith!!

Haloswin, Tatness and I are here on Windrunner (I'm playing Bawston, Tat is Helenarobe, Halo is still a !@#$)

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Korlan here, used to raid with Wolves of Greymane during Cata. I re-subbed the other day. We'll see how long I stick around for this time.

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still around for this expansion :)

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Wrath - Why do I suck? Why can't I get my damn weapon?

Cata - Holy !@#$ how did I get this good this fast. Annick is the only one better than me. Bounced servers with Healbomber, never had so much fun in my life. Met him in Vegas recently.

MoP - this just got extremely boring. Bye.

WoD - just a hell of a lot of boredom. Bye.

Legion - I gave it a shot. Still not my thing. Definite improvement though. Bye.

BfA - Here's to hoping it's like Wrath, though so far it's been %^-*y. Hi.

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Been here since vanilla took a break for 5yrs and just re-upped

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Zarkon says hi.

This was a fantastic server in BC.

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I am back on Terokkar after a 3-4 year break from the game. I was in The Esoteric guild but can't seem to find any of them on anymore. I know they used to be very active but that seems a thing of the past. It seems Terokkar has quieted down a lot I remember it always seeming to have stuff happening. Now I am just looking for some people once I re-level my new characters to run with that are in and around my region of Canada.

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bump because of new forum format.

i’m still subscribed, as i was during my 2015-2017 hiatus but haven’t gotten to level 120 yet. more excited over the WC3 reforged than schlepping world quests


Add me #spriestlol1878



I was here in TBC, WotLK, and Cata. Alliance Priest/Rogue.

Was in: Grace, spectrum, Decadence, & Momentum.



Started playing Wow when BC first came out. Terokkar was, and still is my home. I stopped playing for about 3 years. Just logged back on to check out BOA. I’m liking it again.

I use to be in Harmony, Devoted Soldiers and a couple other guilds that are no longer around.

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Novus Chalybs and Poets and Pirates for the win.

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just hit level 120 last week, even though right now it still says 113.

forums/website is as buggy as stuff in-game


Was one of the rare boomkins during all of cata, maybe we pugged together? I’ll be getting into classic when that drops!


Some very good memories there. Miss my fellow Novus Chalybs folks.


Hey add Kitronos#11829. I remember you from DIP. I was in Dirty Deeds before that. Played my mage Balthazar (I think that is the name). Played Xronos, Kitronos and Redeam back then.


if any Decadence/Tindi Losi looking to play some Classic, hit me up Tickstre#1768



I’m gonna be playing classic on Fairbanks (PVP) with some friends if you are playing and looking for spot, not sure if anyone else from Novus is playing. Also anyone hear from RunandRoot lost track of him a couple of years back.


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I’ll be on Herod with the rest of the folks, Horde side as Orxon (Hoobler, Naglfar, Brise, etc)

Also playing on Grobbulus alliance, same name, different squad.