Calling all Terokkar Veterans

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Hello all.

As the title implies, this post is with the sole intent of pulling out of the woodworks any Terokkar players who have been around since what I would consider "The golden era" of Terokkar, which comprises the totality of Lich King and early Cataclysm imo. Around this time, the server was at its peak in terms of activity and solidarity among the community and was just all around flourishing to the extent that it could for a server that has clearly always been below average in respect to anything PvE or PvP related. Despite the lack of anything brilliant emerging from the server in that regard, it compensated for that with what I felt was a fantastic (though not without it flaws) community that did the best with what it had. I cultivated unforgettable memories with the people I had the pleasure to get to know on this obscure server, and it pains me to see upon returning from a couple year hiatus that it's regressed to such a hollow shell of it's former glory.

So, in an attempt to alleviate my woes, I'm hoping I can reconnect with anyone I may have lost touch with and hopefully reminiscence on what was, as well as share memories with people who were around then but I didn't get a chance to ever know. So please, feel free to chime in for those of you who are in the same boat as me with the server. Btw, I apologize for the sappy nature of this post to anyone who may not harbor the same sort of feelings towards the server that I do. I'm sure my post is going to be mildly cringe worthy for those of you who fall into this category, but that's ok.

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i'm still here. though i took a break from may 2015 until last month. most anyone i knew from back in 2008 has quit or changed realms. the ones that still play don't post much on forums and i lost track of them after the old Terokkar realm forum was closed

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Been here since TBC, was OT for Vae Victus, wouldn't mind reconnecting with some old friends!

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I'm still around, ex-Torchwood/Abaddon - was maining my shaman Mirax back then.

Talked to Kuh relatively recently too. I miss PVPing in Goldshire/Halaa with everyone :/

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Not on the server anymore (xferred back in 2013 and then took a break until this xpac) but was maining my mage Pandar back then.

I miss the Terokkar of old, not gonna lie. I remember all of your names lol. Was in Against All Odds, Forty Two, Imperium, and Drunk in Public

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07/12/2017 05:55 PMPosted by Abaraikenshi
Been here since TBC, was OT for Vae Victus, wouldn't mind reconnecting with some old friends!

Do you remember Pomosonfire, Swamp, Abuna, Chillensky, Neurosis?

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Reck it isn't just you. I resubbed and as soon as I logged in got immediately depressed. The game is not fun to me anymore, and I've given it so many tries. It's hard to move on from a game I spent so many hours of my time in, on first-name basis with probably a couple hundred people.

I think I've finally shaken my WoW addiction and found a new one. I'm terminally hooked on motorsports. Any of the veterans who follow me on social media, this is not new news.

PS Phoenixdown somehow ended up a multi-millionaire. Not even kidding.

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Talked to Kuh relatively recently too. I miss PVPing in Goldshire/Halaa with everyone :/

How's he been?

orxon#7067 on discord. lowercase o.

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Looking for my old SoulKeepers guildies if they are out there!

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I resubbed after Black Friday, but I was around in BC and WOTLK (almost 9yr break). I was a member of Tindi Losi back in the day. Then the splinter guild that formed after Tindi fell apart... can't remember that name, think it started with a "C"

See you around folks!


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I have been on this realm for 10+ years im not as active as i would like to be but hiiiii. My priest was on this realm before the dk her name was akashalestat now she is an undead priest on moon guard named isĂ€bĂȘlla.

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I used to be on this realm under the name of Ilag, but I have offered to stormrage just a bit ago.... I kinda miss the old terrokar, had some good memories, but I think it was best to move on from the server

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One thing i noticed about Terokkar is that the forums always have postings about the 'good ole days', or 'memories' , or 'are you still playing' threads.

(Darthvixen) #17
i was quite active on the old Terokkar forum from 2009-2011. particularly from 2010-2011 when i was playing from Afghanistan, and the connection was only okay for forums and lousy for trying to do anything in-game

it was during that time when we actually talked about stuff (usually trash-banter, but other serious stuff like IRL passings of Bronxhippi and Darthjason) rather than the realm forum be nothing but recruitment posts or the occasional nerdrage about one of our badds acting a fool in dungeon finder

other than the occasional times i see in /2 trade channel Gannas doing a MTGA rant or Ramon asking about liking his alts' names, life goes on ♄

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Oh, the old days...rolled this guy back in BC and left right at Cata, now I'm over on Moon Guard. The days of Poets and Pirates, Imperium, Novus....memories.

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I am on Alexstrasza, which is now connected to Terokkar! Alexstrasza was bumping back then too!

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Ex off tank for Novus Chalybs and Main tank for Poets and Pirates! Miss some old friends!