Calendar Default to Player Set Time?

This is a serious question. Why does the calendar stay on server time when the player sets their clock to follow local time? For that matter, why are the servers set to times in particular time zones. Yes, yes, I know, that’s where the server is or that is time zone that Blizzard wants the player base to identify with or to play from in that region, but why should the players know or care what that time is? Why isn’t all server time set to UTC and if the players don’t want to frac around with UTC they can set their clocks to local time and the calendar will just update to show those times?

Seems to me the platform can do the math faster and more reliably when it comes to fixing calendar times to UTC rather than having to make each player in a raid group do math each time they want to show up for a raid on time. Or have to remember that their server is in a different time zone than they are every time they look at the calendar to check raid times. It just seems… stupid. I’ve never understood why calendaring is treated almost like an afterthought in computers. This has been true in every OS I’ve worked with. The entire Y2K problem came about because of not thinking about the importance of time moving from the future to now to yesterday in a constant stream of increasing numbers.

It is always now on the internet, I guess. Can the calendars at least take what time it is on the players screen into account, please?

Because a Wisconsinite telling a Virginian to meet for raid at 8 pm means two different things.

Calendars follow server time and have a sharing feature so it needs to be standardized.

Cause nobody uses it, it disrupts our regular clock knowledge (ie other parts of life aren’t UTC) and it’s a weird thing to obsess over since it works fine for everyone else.


You do realize that your example completely misses the point of the post, right? Completely, utterly exposes your abject cluelessness on the subject of calendaring and why it’s done, never mind that it skips over the fact that the two people on opposite sides of the country will see the exact same calendar with a time on an event that may or may not correspond with either players time zone and so thusly has no meaning for either of them except to cause them to show up at different times for an event that is probably at another time entirely since server times all changed when the servers were piled together.

UTC on the other hand is exactly what it says it is. Universal Time Code. That is the time everywhere that uses time as we humans have spelled it all out to be. Far from being meaningless it is the time that every clock on every server everywhere uses to extrapolate all the times for all the people who access it, even the sysadmins that dictate what the server times will be.

So again I ask, why are there server times at all in a game that is played worldwide continuously? Why isn’t there just UTC? It’s much simpler and the two players in your example will both know that the server time is incorrect for their local time (unless they live along the prime meridian) and will either change it, which the server software will then correct on the calendar times to match the set local time, or happily do the math every time they want to be on time for raid.

In either case it will be less trouble for everyone involved than the current setup which has the calendar lying about what time your events are if you change your displayed time off of server time. Again, that is almost as dumb as defending its dumbness with an example that is even dumber still. I hope I have rebutted your dumb reply. I await a blue post apologizing for the dumb and promising to fix it forthwith. Either that or the mods will consign this thread to oblivion just as they have done pretty much every other post I’ve ever written here.

It’s pretty easy to say “Raid is at 7 server.” lol

Kind of a non-issue.


My least favorite part of BFA was when my server got merged with another and the server clock changed.

Like, I picked an Eastern time server in 2004 on purpose, Blizzard.


It answered your question. Not the entire post.

Triggered much? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There was no need for insults.

And no one was ever taught UTC, as far as I know. I don’t know anyone that knows what their UTC time is.

And my calendar is in my time zone, because I used an addon and I know when to show up to events, because Discord is always in my time zone.

No, it’ll be more trouble.

Your attitude is unwarranted.


True story. I have a friend who cried at the thought of her country possibly changing time zones.

But what made her cry harder was the fact that literally nobody else in her country cared. She also has severe autism.

So I get your struggles, don’t give up. One day the UTC will reign supreme.

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You know what? The native WoW calendar can do that thing that Discord does, too.

Your reply is unappreciated.

Just as easy as saying raid is at 18:00 UTC; except that I don’t have to know what server time is anymore or care that my server is now in the Mountain timezone instead of being somewhere in the Central timezone.

There are no servers in the Mountain Time Zone, you knothead. Your example is worse than your bizarre, faulty “logic.”

They also felt the need to necro their own low effort troll post.


The entire group of servers that includes Muradin is set to Mountain time. Check it for yourself. It would be nice if you were actually correct when stating facts and calling other people stupid for not knowing them.

Then your problem is non-existent and this thread was pointless from the start. So why would you claim it’s not capable of bei g set to your time and then claim it can be as some form of argument? Are you confused or trolling?

“I came to post an idea and will act like a jerk to everyone who disagrees.”

Stop necroing your own thread. You’ve been nothing but condescending and insulting since you first posted. No one is learning an entirely new time system for your personal problem that isn’t even a problem according to you.

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Imagine typing this sentence with a straight face lmao

What happens if Congress get rid of Daylight Saving Time?

Kiss my MTZ-living butt. There ARE NO SERVERS LOCATED IN THE MTZ. None . Nada. If some located physically in another part of North America have been artificially given this space on the clock, so be it . shrugs Still doesn’t make them servers located in MT, ID, UT, WY, or AZ. Or up in Canada.
Get your own facts correct, angry little ytboi.

You don’t get to play the smart-card when the concept of server time alludes you.

There is no problem. Nothing needs fixing.

“What time is the raid? 8PM server time”
Everyone understands. Everyone is on the same page.

At one time Servers were in AZ then got moved too Seattle…

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According to one of the various Wikis out there, there was a datacenter in Seattle that moved to AZ.

At this point they are all either in LA or Chicago.

This one is much more up to date


The ingame calendar is fantastic and very helpful and as a EU player on an EST server, having all official event times on the calendar in PST while my raid leader puts raid invites on in EST while the server clock is set to GMT for me by default is in no way confusing af, and has definitely never caused me to misjudge the end times of multiple events such as timewalking or comp stomp. :+1:

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